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Homeland Security Takes Over, Video Blog, and Farmer’s Market

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Good Morning…

Friday brings another road trip for me. I’ll be down in St Louis this weekend for a friend’s wedding. Hopefully I will have appropriate pictures to show you when we get back.

To the News:

Homeland Security in Waterloo
So the Waterloo paper’s been reporting Homeland Security’s activities for a few days now. We finally got curious enough to head up there and check it out for ourselves. The agency took over the National Cattle Congress grounds. To much of the Latino community in Waterloo, it looks like they’re getting ready to house a large number of people…and to some, that means a raid. Homeland Security won’t confirm any activities, some people say it’s just a drill, we’re still not sure.
It brings up a question form a viewer which is: If there’s a raid that’s going to happen, why would you report it and tip people off?
Here’s a quick answer. First, the Waterloo Paper’s been reporting Homeland Security’s activities for days now. We’re not tipping off anyone here in Iowa.
Second I’m sure our reporters tried to give anyone from Homeland Security the opportunity to tell us any reporting might jeopardize an ongoing operation. I’ve always been open to hearing the argument that we should hold off on reporting a story. It’s our decision but I certainly think we would have taken that into account.

Farmer’s Market
If you missed the Fun Forecast this morning Jeriann was live at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. Thanks to all of the people who came down to see Jeriann and Megan.
Just a few highlights for your first trip to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.
First Start time is at 7am sharp. There won’t be any advantage to showing up before that. They’re enforcing this start time strictly because they want to give everyone a chance to set up. Frankly, I think it’s a good idea. Usually stuff is pretty well picked over by the time we get down there at eight.
Second, The traffic flow will be a little different. they’ve added, or moved vendors and now sales will be in the street and on the sidewalk. This is supposed to reduce some of the bottleneck’s that happen when 20-thousand people are going in opposite directions down a five foot sidewalk. BTW: The Farmboys breakfast burritos are now going to be at the end of fourth street near Walnut where they had live music last year.
Third: Dogs: This is one of my favorite parts of the Farmer’s market but apparently the dogs are causing some problems. They’re asking every dog be on a leash, and that the lead be no more than three feet. And finally, I should think this would be obvious but, clean up after your dogs. Nuff said.

Video Blog
OK we’re going to try to get this going again this morning with a video blog about Fly Fishing.
My last trip to Missouri was a few weeks ago and I took Roger Riley’s camera along. Pardon the quality of the video but I wanted to try to give people a sense of what it was like. Here’s a History of Rockbridge if you’re interested.
I also wanted to give people a few resources if you want to learn how to fly fish.
The Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association has a very active membership as does the Central Iowa Fly Fishing Association. that would be happy to steer you in the right direction. Also Iowa Outdoors has a great message Board where people are happy to answer questions.

Have a Good Weekend!

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