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Good afternoon

I’m sneaking the blog in this afternoon as I read the Noon News. Not sure how but I lost track of the time.

It could be the emails I’m getting from around the country. The guys who are going on our annual golf trip started our annual email exchange yesterday. Generally it’s pretty funny and pretty smart…not a lot of crude humor and most of it at each other’s expense…but we’re all good humored about it.
To me this is one of the best parts of the trip. I don’t spend a lot of time on the phone with most of these guys during the rest of the year, but for about a month we have a pretty good back and forth. The we have a great week of golf. This year it’s in Phoenix.

To the News:
More people arrested in the Postville raid go in front of a judge. Some of the families of these workers had been staying at a local church but by the noon hour today, we’d heard the church had cleared out.
Those are the headlines from Waterloo for now and I’m sure Dave Price will come up with more by 5pm. I wanted to comment on our Hot topics blog though. I thought a lot of the comments were reflective of people’s frustration. I think most of these people have a good point…illegal is illegal. That’s the bottom line.
I would also says this. I was disturbed at the tone of some of the comments. You can be against illegal immigration and not be bigoted(the majority of the comments weren’t bigoted). Some of the comments weren’t even relevant.
At each stage of mass immigration in this country’s history there’s been some form of discrimination. I would think your ancestors were probably the target at some point.
Now, this isn’t 1910 and we aren’t getting mass immigration through Ellis Island so lets not romanticize people crossing the border illegally. But, wouldn’t it help the debate and move us closer to solving immigration if we could get past the bigotry and concentrate on the law?

Des Moines Police arrested one person and are looking for two others in connection to a drive by shooting. Look for an update on the investigation tonight at five and six.

Equal Access
Anyone see Erin’s story last night about the Americans with Disabilities Act and the access the physically challenged have in some of Iowa’s public buildings? I’m looking forward to part two but I thought it was a great story. Not only told well, it was shot and edited well.

I’ll cut this short but don’t keep your comments to yourself. Feel free to comment on the stories you saw here or the ones you didn’t.
Have a good day,