Post Postville, Helmet Debate and Max Goes to the Ballgame

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Good Morning!
I’m afraid I caught whatever it was that Jeriann had and then gave to Brooke. My nose is running like a faucet. I don’t actually feel that bad, but when it’s hard to breathe…it’s hard to talk and the whole thing just just a little frustrating.
I am glad the weekend is here. We’re going to get the house is shape for summer and that means the front porch is going to be cleaned this weekend. We love to spend time outside in the summer and the work is worth it.

To the News:
Post Postville
The workers arrested in the Postville immigration raid are now in county jails across the state awaiting deportation or other criminal charges. We’re waiting to hear what’s going to happen to the people who own Agriprocessors. They released a statement saying they’re cooperating and don’t know anything about the illegal workers at their shop….
I’m reminded of Claude Raines in Casablanca…”I’m shocked…shocked to find out there’s gambling in this establishment!”

What’s worse, The Iowa Department of Labor is investigating allegation of child labor violations. Among the hundreds arrested this week, some kids 13-17 years old.

Helmet Debate
I’m bracing for the flood of emails from people telling me it’s none of my business if they wear a helmet on their motorcycle, and that if car drivers would be more aware of cyclists they wouldn’t need helmets.
You’re right, I respect your freedom of choice. I have no problem with anyone making that decision for themselves.
One thing…Can we have a pre-registration for cyclists that will include a payment for the cost of an ambulance and emergency room care? By the way, I’d include one for driver too. If you’re not wearing your seat belt…same fee applies.

Video Blog Producer Heather is the subject of this week’s video blog. New parents will love it. As much as you prepare for your baby’s “1st” outing anywhere…something will always come up you can’t anticipate…like your kid fondling the woman in the aisle.

Farm Bill
I’d be interested to hear farmer’s opinions about the new Farm Bill. It passed the house and Senate with veto proof majorities. The president says the bill is too expensive and farmers who don’t need them will be eligible for federal subsidies. What do you think?

Same Sex Ruling
California’s Supreme court struck down a law banning same sex marriage. The court ruled the law unconstitutional. I wonder if this will have any bearing on the Iowa case?
As you debate this one, try to remember, the court has no latitude to uphold a law just because the people passed it. The Court interprets the law as constitutional or unconstitutional. If the State wants to pass an amendment to its Constitution, the voters can do that. Then it’s constitutional.

I hope you find something on here to comment about. Thanks for all your well wishes for my Mom…she’s doing well.
And Rosario…you comment whenever you like. that goes for everyone here. I check through the day. If you have a comment…anytime, feel free to leave it.


  • Tiffany

    I’m so excited with the decision in California. I can’t wait to see pictures of Ellen and Portia getting married :) And Heather, just wait until you throw another baby in the mix. I JUST got a routine down with our 19 month old for when we went out, and now we have our 1 month old. Now I’m back to forgetting things for the older one, along with stuff for the little one!

  • IAgal

    tiffany–I couldnt agree more! I have a 3 yr old and a 2 month old. I dont remember it being this much work when I had my first child and somehow think it is b/c I have TWO. I’m lucky enough that my older daughter is 3 and can help somewhat. Dont know what I’d do with 2 under 2! Good luck…I totally feel for you…Pat–I didnt have time to comment yesterday, but glad to hear your mother is doing well!

  • Titleist755

    This farm bill thing has gotten way out of hand. I don’t understand why I should have to subsidize farmers that are selling corn @ $6 a bushel….While the bill is GREAT for Iowa farmers, the economics don’t make sense for the rest of us. Costs adjust to the market………they always have and they always will….even if the government gets involved…..If we are really going to complain about the high price of gas, food, and whatever else ails us, we need to get off of our duffs and start demanding that these rascals in our federal government do something real. Stop paying farmers for record priced crops and put the corn back in the food market, go get the oil that is sitting off of the coast of FL and CA, buried in CO, ND,and ANWAR so any president won’t have to make a “trip” to Saudi Arabia, and let’s make our own changes. The rest of the world is passing us by while we watch our politicians try to pander their way into our hearts and wallets. Washington can’t fix the markets. Only the markets can fix themselves.

  • harleypoet

    Pat-Yes, you likely will get emails from us “freedom of choice” types. For the most part, we riders carry MORE than enough insurance to cover those costs. We pay a premium for our bike insurance, which covers such an event, and MANY, if not most, of us also have health insurance to add to the mix. The bigger question here is exactly what protection does a helmet provide? For every statistic that supports the protection, there is another that refutes it. I can tell you firsthand that when I wear a helmet, which I do when riding in an area that has a helmet law, my vision and hearing are MUCH impaired, and the fact of the matter is that those are the two MOST important tools when riding a motorcycle. One of my biggest complaints about those proponents of a helmet law is the statistics they quote, they talk to the number of motorcycle deaths rising, but seem to conveniently ignore that the rate has risen by a smaller percentage than the increase in the number of riders over the same period of time. Secondly, I have YET to hear one person quote how many of the deaths and injuries are to riders who have NEVER taken a motorcycle safety class. Personally, I take the class about every other year just to hone my skills, even though I ride in excess of 8,000 miles every year.

  • nuthatch

    harleypoet- I’m right there with you, but as a helmet wearer, I’ve never had a vison or hearing issue. Maybe it’s the type of helmet you have?What I don’t like is how quick the media likes to point out that the rider isn’t wearing a helmet, but when he does it’s not mentioned. Or that the accident was cause cause the driver had a cellphone stuck in his/her ear.I would like to see the stats on accident’s while using a cell phone.I would say easily 90% of all car/bike accidents are the cause of the car driver not paying attention to their surroundings.

  • harleypoet

    I’m right with you regarding the cell phone users.hmmm, I think we ought do something similar with golfers…As a golfer since my high school years I KNOW how dangerous the game is…some idiot behind you hits into your group and that 125 mph pellet ricochets off your cranium leaving a scorch across your hair and a gash that requires abut 20 stitches to close…let us not forget the ambulance ride and emergency room fees, yep put the golfers in brain buckets too. What about that pesky rock that comes screaming out from under your neighbors rotary lawnmower and strikes you exactly where no man wants to be struck…yep, ya gotta now wear a cup while standing in your yard on Saturday morning. Shall I go on???

  • rosorio

    My take on helmet or protection while operating a motorcycle. I believe that using a helmet is a good idea when operating a motorcycle. I wear one because I choose to do so. I hear a lot of fellow riders repeat the argument of the helmet will not save your life in this or that situation or the comfort level is this or that. That is up to each individual to decide. I prefer my chances with a helmet and further protection such as jacket, boots and gloves. There are times when I don�t wear a helmet such as when I ride to the gymnasium. That�s also my choice until the laws are changed. There is a report written by a gentleman by the name Harry Hurt titled: Motorcycle accident cause factors and identification of counter measures (Also known as the Hurt report). This is a report published back in 1981 and it remains relevant to this day.

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