Making a Difference

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Good Morning!

I’d say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I had one of those moments where I thought, I’ll just doze for a second. A half hour later I was already late. Someone needs to invent an alarm that can sense if you actually get out of bed when you turn the alarm off…if you stay in bed the alarm would go off again.

Hard to stay in a bad mood though, this last 24 hours has reminded me why this is a really great place to live….

Making a Difference 1:

This morning Jeriann spent the morning out at the McDonalds near 63rd and Grand. We teamed up with 107.1, the Christian radio station in town to promote the idea. It was pretty simple. Pay for the person behind you in the drive through. It’s not a new concept but it seems to have gained steam since a Starbucks in Florida reported a chain of people paying for the person behind them all day long just before Christmas this past year. A store in Pennsylvania had the same thing happen and then one in Washington State. There are the conspiracy theorists out there who would say this is just a PR stunt by Starbucks…ok…so what if it started that way. It doesn’t take away from the fact that other people kept it going. And it doesn’t take away from the effect. No one’s problems are going to be solved by having their breakfast paid for. Gas prices won’t go down. Your work day is still going to be 8 hours or longer. It’s just a nice break to remind you that it feels good to have someone do something nice for you. Maybe more importantly it’s nice to do something nice for someone.

Making a Difference 2:

I had the privilege of being invited to be a part of a ceremony at the Science Center of Iowa last night to celebrate a Milestone. We just passed the three year mark since the New Science Center opened Downtown. SCI had a goal of finishing off it’s Capitol Fundraising Campaign

From the SCI News Release:

Just one week after the Science Center of Iowa celebrated its third anniversary in its downtown location, officials announced today that the Inspire an A-ha! capital campaign has met the $62 million fundraising goal set when the project was conceived. This is the largest capital campaign successfully undertaken by any museum project in the state of Iowa to date. The comprehensive campaign includes support for all capital infrastructure, capital improvements and an endowment to ensure long-term sustainability.

I was struck by the generosity of people who contributed, big checks and small ones, to the completion of the project. SCI is just one example of that kind of generosity but I think this wouldn’t happen with the support and help of so many people if we were somewhere else. That’s going to make a difference in someone’s life.

Full disclosure: my wife works at the Science Center so I am personally proud of the accomplishment but one a broader level it’s a great example of the generosity and vision of this community.

Making a Difference 3:

Kudos to Lynn Melling for her great follow up to Sam’s Story. Sam Mills and her family were the subject of a story we brought you in November. She is a Senior at Southeast Polk HS. She was diagnosed last year with Leukemia. She shared she family’s struggle with the disease in a very personal way in November. It’s great when we get to follow up on stories like this with a happy end.

Sam Graduated High School this week and after she’s done with this round of Chemo is going to go on to University of Iowa. Sam’s story struck me because the family really wanted to thank the community and the people who helped them through their daughter’s illness. Those people may have made a truly LIFE changing difference for Sam.

I hope you started the day feeling a little better through one of these stories or through some act of of kindness someone showed you today.

Have a good day,


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  • Heather R.

    I actually had the privalage of meeting Sam not to long ago at Wal Mart. The story caught my attention in several ways, #1 being a SEP alumn I always like to hear positive things happening and #2- the stories you did leading up to this story, that was very touching.Have a good day everyone.

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