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Memorial Day, weekend storms, painting

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Hello everyone, and Happy Memorial Day.
I hope you took time to honor those who’ve died in service to our country, even if it was something as simple as a moment of silence. Those men and women are certainly deserving of at least that small gesture.
Many of us spent today thinking about people who are dealing with tragedy after tornadoes ripped through their towns Sunday night. The images coming out of Parkersburg and surrounding areas are mind boggling. If you’ve missed them on the air because of the holiday, you can see video at www.whotv.com in the video player, and also in the 13 Raw section. Also, feel free to share your severe weather experiences. I know I will never forget a horrible hail storm that ripped through my home town in 1986. I still get nervous anytime I hear the thunk, thunk, thunking of hail on the roof.
I was oblivious to the weather on Sunday, because I was trying to wrap up a project that turned out to be more work than I anticipated.

It started out innocently enough. I wanted to paint the upstairs bathroom. Our friends jokingly call this the longest remodel in history. When it is totally finished I will devote an entire blog to this space in my house, but for now I will just tell you that it’s been a project that’s lasted far longer than it should’ve. It’s a product of the fact that Michael and I are never home. Speaking of Michael, he said “As long as we’re painting the bathroom we might as well do the ceilings, the hallway and our bedroom, too.”

So, I started taping everything is sight. The only problem is ….

The hallway is HUGE. This photo doesn’t adequately capture it’s size or Michael’s role in this project, but I think he might’ve killed me if I’d taken a photo of some of the crazy maneuvers he pulled in order to reach the far corners of this twenty foot high space. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time holding my breath, praying that he would not fall off the ladder and down these stairs. He didn’t, and the ceilings and hallway look great. Whew!

Then it was on to the bedroom, a space that was poorly painted when we moved in nearly six years ago and desperately needed a new color and a good paint job. It’s finished now too, thank goodness!
It’s always nice to finish these sorts of things, but now Michael and I are so sore we can hardly move. The other bad thing about any home improvement project, is that it inevitably leads to more home improvement projects. Next on our list, the spare bedroom, the kitchen and the downstairs bath. Scratch that. Next on our list, the upstairs bathroom. To be continued …
Have a great week!


  • drewm92

    i would like to comment on a report that showed dowling catholics fans running onto the field after they won state soccer. first they waited until the teams were done shaking hands and there was only 2 cops trying to hold 30 students. the only reason this was a big story was because it was dowling catholic and not valley if valley did this then there wouldn’t be this story. this was just a great thing gone wrong all because of people who weren’t actually there make up things to tell other people that weren’t there also to get them to hate dowling. i think they forgot that iowa states fans ran onto the stadium 3 times and iowa did it to this football season but when dowling does it it turns into a huge contraversy.

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