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Parkersburg, Memorial Day, and Indy

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Good Morning!

Brooke has the Memorial Day holiday off as does Jeriann so it was a little bit of a mad scramble to get everything on the air this morning. It’s mornings like this that I’m thankful we have such a good behind the scenes crew on Today in Iowa. I came in a little early but Heather (our producer) and Jenny (our associate producer), had things well in hand.
Words don’t describe the damage. That’s what the Mayor of Parkersburg said this morning at the Media update. A tornado tore through New Hartford, Parkersburg and made it all the way to Dunkerton before lifting again. Storm spotters described this tornado as a mile wide at times which accounts for the huge swath of damage in Parkertsburg.

As of the writing of this blog they are letting people back into town, but only homeowners who have proper identification. If you’re wondering about helping out, don’t go to Parkersburg. They have the help they need for now. As for another place people can donate or help out…keep it tuned to 13, we’ll give you that information when we know it.
We’ll likely be in Parkersburg for a day or two…the recovery is going to last for months.
If there’s good news, the mayor says they got a good ten minute warning that the storm was coming. The loss of life is significant but it could have been much worse.
Our reporter on the scene this morning says you can basically cut the town in half…the south and particularly the southeast quadrant of the town is gone.
Our crews are in Parkersburg and surrounding communities. Look for more updates at Noon five six and Ten.

Memorial Day
I’ll only say this. I hope you have the time to thank a member of the military today for their service. I know some of the services and celebrations of the sacrifices made the the military are going to be overshadowed this year by Parkersburg, but I hope the public still takes the time to get out and thanks these men and women for their service.

We went to see the Indiana Jones movie this weekend. As much as it pains me to say this…don’t bother. I explained it this way to my wife: If you loved the first movie and didn’t like any of the others…you’re going to hate this movie. If you loved the first and thought the second was cute, a little funny and just OK…you’ll be able to sit through this one. Sally thought it was a total waste. I think George Lucas has gone round the bend a little. Aliens have no place in an Indiana Jones Movie.

I hope you all have a great day off.
See you tomorrow!

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