More stories from Parkersburg, Arrests in IC and Golf

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Good morning everyone! It’s Brooke today. Remember me? Pat took off early today for a “work” assignment at Glen Oaks Country Club. In case you didn’t hear him talk about it this morning, he’s out at the Principal Charity Classic playing in the pro-am event. Last year he was a caddy for Barry Griswell, former CEO of Principal, and this year Griswell invited him back to play this time. Not too shabby, I say! And not only that, he gets to play with professional Fuzzy Zoeller. This guy is known just as much for his candid personality as he is his golfing. I am sure Pat will have some good stories to tell on the blog tomorrow. Anyway… on to the stories of the day.

Parkersburg Day #3

Megan Reuther was up there this morning covering what was happening today and she had some amazing stories about all the debris left behind from the high winds. She was telling us the story of a New Hartford man who got a call from someone in Prairie du chien, Wisconin saying he had tax forms in his front yard that got blown away in the storm. And Prairie du chien is 90 miles to the north. Can you believe this? It always amazes me how tornadoes operate. They will completely demolish a home but then leave a car in the garage unscathed. Or they will lift a home from its foundation, but then leave a vase in that house completely intact. There are so many amazing stories coming out of the town that we don’t have enough time to tell them all. We could send three reporters there every day for a month and still not tell you every story of survival and steely determination.

Arrests in Iowa City

This story broke yesterday and Shawn Terrell did a great job of covering it. It takes us back to October when we learned the Division of Criminal Investigation was investigating possible sexual abuse at a University of Iowa dorm. We knew from sources back in October that football players were questioned but then no one was ever charged. Today, we know why no one was charged until now. Yesterday, arrest warrants were issued for former players Abe Satterfield and Cedric Everson. The County Attorney told us they waited out of respect for the accuser. As of yesterday, she was no longer on campus. We were told by the county attorney that the two men are living out of state and will likely be arrested then extradited to Iowa. The past year has been a bad one for the University of Iowa football program. Last night Keith Murphy said there have been 16 players arrested. These are the most serious charges.

More about Golf…
As if it is not enough to golf with a legend like Fuzzy Zoeller, I think I am most jealous that Pat gets to hang out with Ron Livingston. He’s one of the celebrities playing in the Principal Golf Classic today. In case the name doesn’t sound familiar, he was in the cult classic, “Office Space.” And he appeared in Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend. He also happens to be from Cedar Rapids and in the category of “it’s a small world”, Jeriann used to work with Ron’s sister who is a morning show anchor in La Cross, Wisconsin. I think I could watch Office Space everyday and still laugh. “Yeah, that would be great…. Umkay!”

Well, I better get going on those TPS reports. See you tomorrow!

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