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Another dark week for the Hawkeye football program. It’s fortunate for the University of Iowa that Cedric Everson and Abe Satterfield were sent packing back in December, but it doesn’t change the fact the alleged sexual assault happened while they were members of the Hawkeye football team. (In fact, the incident took place the morning after Iowa upset Illinois.) Everson and Satterfield are accused of an awful crime, by far the most serious in a long list of arrested Hawkeyes. 16 football players in one year is way beyond an aberration, it’s a cultural problem. Many of these charges were not for public intox. They were far more troublesome.
I like and respect Kirk Ferentz. I think he was slow to accept just how bad and embarrassing it had gotten, but the past six months he’s booted several players and toughened expectations. That’s a great start. You can’t stop all players from being knuckleheads. Take a group of 125 college students and someone is going to screw up, but Iowa has gone way beyond that, and I personally know several hardcore fans who are sick and tired of it.
I think the best thing Iowa has going for it next football season is a relatively easy schedule. Schools like Iowa and Iowa State have next to no margin for error when it comes to quality depth, and there’s just no way to unexpectedly lose several starters the way Iowa has and not have it make a big impact. Look for it to show up more in 2009. This year, Iowa can be below mediocre and still win 6 games.
Jamie Pollard and Greg McDermott made Wesley Johnson sweat for ten days, but they’re right to release him from his scholarship. You can’t have it both ways, and like all schools, Iowa State also benefits from transfers. Pollard and McDermott did not give Johnson an unconditional release. He can’t go to a Big 12 school, and he can’t go to a school on ISU’s schedule. They’re right to dish some tough love. Johnson’s explanation has all kinds of holes in it, and there’s no excusing the fact he had just re-upped with ISU a few weeks ago. Don’t look for Iowa State to approve Johnson’s transfer to Kentucky, should he ask.
Shawn Terrell loves Office Space, which makes me think more of Shawn Terrell. However, all of us here at channel 13 owe actor Ron Livingston an apology. Shawn tried, but when Ron played Glen Oaks Wednesday, Shawn just couldn’t stop himself from peppering “Peter” with Office Space references. How sick of this do you think Ron Livingston is?

It’s not that I’m lazy; it’s that I just don’t care.

Or this classic exchange:

Bob: Looks like you’ve been missing a lot of work lately.
Peter: I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, Bob!

Sorry Ron! Livingston is also great in Band of Brothers. If for some reason you haven’t seen this yet, go rent it, and say goodbye to everybody for a week. It’s that good.
Erin Kiernan is finally over the fact her girlhood crush, Rob Lowe, did not return to kill one or our state birds this year. Erin thinks Jason Taylor filled the hunk void nicely. I personally don’t like a man who’s rich, famous, handsome, and can also dance.
I’m sorry to say I was disappointed in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was great to see Harrison Ford back in the fedora, and the man looks amazing for 65, but the story and stunts grew increasingly ridiculous as the movie went on. I can’t get into it without spoiling the movie for the 17 people who haven’t seen it yet, but I wish they could re-think that silly second hour. B- because watching it made me happy anyway.


  • Melinda

    Keith, great job tonight getting through your sportscast…It’s funny though to see Bachman lose it for a minute or so!How about those Cubs? :)With all the golf you guys were showing, I wasn’t sure you were going to have the big Cubs highlight.Oh, I guess I’m one of those 17 people who haven’t seen Indiana Jones yet. Now I’m starting to wonder if I should bother.

  • Shane - Marshalltown

    Melinda, you can’t let Keith run your life! Go see the movie!! As for you Keith, I picked up your dry cleaning and I made sure the coffee was just as you wanted…can I go back to work now or did you want me to iron your ties first???

  • Melinda

    Don’t worry Shane…that’s not the first bad review I’ve heard about it. We’ll probably go at some point with our kids. They won’t know any different since they didn’t grow up with the other movies.

  • Keith Murphy

    Melinda,My kids LOVED the new Indiana Jones. Cade, who’s 7, watches the original trilogy frequently, and the new one is his favorite. I hope he grows out of this poor judgment, but in the meantime, count on your kids 13 & under thinking Indy 4 is awesome. 14 & over, look for eye-rolling during the final 30 minutes.Shane, no starch. It’s summer.Keith

  • shane - marshalltown

    There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground with this newest Indy incarnation…it seems people either love it or are disappointed with it…I’ll just wait til it comes out on dvd.And yessir, no starch! Got it! Right away Mr. Murphy sir!!

  • pulsebert

    I bought the <>Band of Brothers<> DVD set about a year ago. For everyone out there, it is absolutely incredible. One of the best things ever filmed, very powerful.

  • mcbrewski

    I don’t think anyone hates Indy 4, but I haven’t heard anyone loving it, either. Except for kids, of course- See Star Wars I and II. The first hour or so was great. It felt Indyish and looked Indyish. And the motorcylce chase was awesome. And the Greasers vs. Johnnies joke was halarious. Then when Little Indy started swordfighting in front of lame computer generated moving background, I was like “alright, if I can just get through this, I bet the rest of the movie will be great.” WRONG. Shortly after Shia LeBouf swings from a vine like Tarzan followed by a swarm of computer generated monkies, and suddenly you start asking yourself questions like “Did Speilberg even see this before he released it or did he just let George Lucas use the project as his canvas for his graphics company?” Plus the ending was way too over the top and had no mystery quality as in the previous Indy films. B- at best.

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