The Night Before

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Twas the night before primary day and all through the trail, almost no one was stirring, not even a congressman. So much for a fast and furious end to the 3rd District democratic congressional race. No all day barnstorming across the district. No late night rallies so tv reporters could do their “live shots” for the late news. Instead, Leonard Boswell’s campaign told me he had no public events. Ed Fallon did send out a schedule to say he would be live on a radio talk show. That’s about it.

Perhaps, they’ve already said all that needs to be said. Boswell ran a gazillion tv commercials. Fallon hasn’t run any tv ads. He would seem to need a lot of grass in his grassroots movement to overcome all that the incumbency affords Boswell. Fallon, who’s a recent John Edwards to Barack Obama convert, has to hope the “change” message doesn’t just work in the presidential race.

So is the conventional wisdom that if turnout is high, that would help Fallon? The Sec of State’s office expects statewide turnout at 12 to 15%. That’s about what it was four years ago.

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