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Obama gets the nomination, Local election news and Chicago Games?

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Good morning… or I guess I should say afternoon. Pat is off again today so I was solo on the morning show. I am writing this as I do the noon show so I apologize I didn’t get this done earlier like I usually do. It still isn’t habit for me to do the blog and I kind of got side-tracked with some other things at work.

We had a break in the weather this morning which was nice because it sounds like we are going to get hit by the rain again tonight and Friday. I thought Saturday was going to be my one chance to get outside and enjoy the day but now Megan says the models are showing a stronger possibility for rain. Ahhh! Make it stop.

I did get some good news today from my mom. My brother-in-law Robert is finally back in the country and will be home on Saturday. He left for Iraq last June and spent most of his second deployment in Baghdad. He’s with the 182nd Engineering Battalion our of Mt. Pleasant. Big sigh of relief!!!

To the News..

Why is Hillary still in the Race?
Well… there are probably a lot of reasons. Barack Obama got the number of delegates he needed to secure the nomination but Clinton still hasn’t conceded. This morning on the Today Show TIm Russert said there are a couple of reasons why she is still in it. First, she is holding on to try to get on the ticket and set herself up in 2012 in case Obama fails as President.

One of the most interesting developments in the primary congressional races is the fact that two women won and will now face incumbents Tom Latham and Dave Loebsack. Iowa has never had a female member of Congress which seems so hard to believe considering we have some influential women leading our state in corporate and political roles.

Chicago is one of the four finalist for the Summer 2016 Olympic Games. Having the games so close would make it easy to attend or at least be a part of the excitement.

That is it for now. See you tomorrow!

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