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There is a new show on tv. It’s called “Swingtown.” A bunch of couples swap lovers in their suburban Chicago neighborhood in the 1970s. The show just started airing, but it’s already drawn critics. Apparently, some groups are pushing viewers to flood tv stations with complaint emails. The American Family Association is one of those groups. Here’s a hint. Make sure you send your complaint email to a station that actually airs the show! The show airs on CBS stations. My station is an NBC affiliate. So quit sending us your form letter email, threatening us. It won’t do any good! There’s no swinging going on.

Here’s what the form letter looks like:

Bill Brouwer
701 Newcastle Road
Marshalltown, IA 50158-5253

June 8, 2008
WHO (NBC-13)
1801 Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA 50309

Dear WHO (NBC-13):
I am offended by the content of the CBS program “Swingtown.” The offensive content clearly violates our local community standards and does not reflect your license obligation “to serve the public interest.”
I urge you to refuse to air future episodes of “Swingtown.”
I also ask you to place a copy of my complaint in your files according to FCC regulations.

Bill and Julie Brouwer

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