Cleaning Up, Shawn gets a Ride and The Open is Finally Over

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Good Morning…

Sally walked in the door last night from work and asked: “Can we be done with five hours of golf a day?”
We can…but I’m sad the US Open has to be over.Monday’s playoff was compelling, edge-of-your-seat golf that ended as it should have…in a sudden death play-off. As much as part of me was rooting for Rocco Mediate to beat Tiger, you have to admit the best player in the world proved why he’s on top. It was great TV.

Back to the real world and the news…

Flooding and Clean-up

We’re starting to move past the water being so high and on to the massive clean up for neighborhoods like Birdland. The County set up a center in Union Park to pass out clean-up kits and to talk to people about getting back into their homes after they are inspected.

That’s nothing when you compare with the clean-up out east…
Has anyone else been completely unimpressed with the lack of knowledge about Iowa in the national Media? Weren’t they all JUST here? It seems like people are lumping the entire state together when it comes to flooding. I’m getting calls and emails from friends and relatives that sound panicked…”Are you guys underwater?” “We saw on the news Des Moines is flooded!” Well…it is and it isn’t. I just feel like there’s no understanding that Cedar Rapids is more than a hundred miles from here.

Shawn to Philly
How about the ride Shawn Johnson got to Philadelphia for the Olympic Trials? Homesteaders offered up the plane after Shawn’s gym flooded last week and her training was interrupted. She was supposed to fly commercial but wanted extra time here in Iowa to work on her routines…she got it, and a ride to Philly. The Trials begin at the end for the week…we’ll be there.

Final Thoughts on the Open
Really…I promise this time.
I wanted to share a few articles I read surrounding the US Open but not necessarily about the tournament itself. If you missed it …Tiger Woods said last year that a 10 handicapper couldn’t break 100 on a US Open Course. turns out he’s right and he’s wrong. Golf Digest and NBC put the challenge out there to America’s average golfers and 54-thousand applied for the chance to play Torrey Pines before the US Open was played.

NBC aired the round and if you saw it, you saw the armature shoot 114. The articles that came out of that day were really interesting to me and the story behind the armature who played the course was heart warming and, I admit, tear jerking. Enjoy, I did.
Have a great day!
Enjoy the drier cooler weather.