Alabama Crash, Jefferson Search, and Weekend Wrap-up

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Good Morning!
I hope you all had a good weekend. We start a full week of just Pat on the morning show. Brooke is off for a little time with her son. The good news is, No Noon News…we’ll get to that in a minute.
To the News

Alabama Crash
Recent Dowling Grads will no doubt have heard the news by now. A 19 year-old named Lauren Brue died when a twin engine plane went down near Jasper Alabama. The plane was reportedly flown by her boyfriend’s Dad. That’s Lauren and her Boyfriend to the right.

His family was taking Lauren with them on a trip to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. I thought the comments on the Birmingham Newspaper’s website were nice. A lot of Lauren’s Sorority sisters wrote comments in saying how much they thought of her.
Jefferson Search
We’ll also be following the search for a nine year-old boy who fell into the Raccoon River Sunday afternoon. Initial attempts to save him didn’t work so they started a bigger search and rescue effort. Authorities called that off just after eleven thirty last night. I don’t have a good feeling about where this story will be going today, but it’s a reminder as we head into the weekend holiday that many of the rivers and lakes are very high still around Iowa. The water is moving faster and is more dangerous. Please stay safe!

Ramona in Court
Ramona Cunningham is back in court where she’s hoping a Judge accepts a plea deal she’s reached with Prosecutors. The details of the deal aren’t public because of ethics rules that attorneys follow. The interesting part of this will be the sentence that the judge gives her. This is, by all accounts, the woman pulling the strings in a salary scandal that bilked taxpayers of more than a million and a half dollars. Under this scenario we won’t get to hear her side of the story.

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Des Moines Arts Festival this weekend! Brooke Jeriann and I had a great time meeting those of you who took the time to stop by the booth. I also had a chance to walk around the festival Saturday…boy was it packed! Great artists this year and a lot of jewelry. I talked to a few of the artists, asked if this was their first visit and if they said yes, I asked what they thought of Des Moines. All of them said the Festival was something they’d heard of but hadn’t been to yet. They all said the City had exceeded expectations so far.
My Parents were in town for the weekend. They were with us on Saturday. My Mom had to be a in a wheelchair due to some recent surgery and I asked if she’d noticed how many things are or are not handicapped accessible. She said that’s one of the first things you notice. Curbs, steps, elevators, and openings of all kinds simply aren’t built for wheelchairs. I’d say the Arts Festival was tough to get around with someone in a wheelchair. It wasn’t through any fault of the organizers. The width of the booths combined with the slope of the street simply made some of the booths harder to visit.
My point is, we all are better off if we get to see things from someone else’s perspective every once in a while…even if it’s only temporary.
Other than that the visit was really nice. We were over at my brother’s house a lot. Played with his boys on their new swingset. We celebrated His son Elliot’s third birthday, barbecued and got some good QT in. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa will send some pics over of out escapade with the boys.
Hope you had a good weekend. As I said, No Noon News all week so i think I’m going to use the weather and the time as an excuse to get some golf in.
See ya later!

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  • Steve

    RE: Romona Cunningham. Pat writes: “The details of the deal aren’t public because of ethics rules that attorneys follow.”Pat, that was awesome! Very funny. I almost spit my Stewart’s Black Cherry soda on my monitor. It’s a work monitor, so it would not have been a big deal. Next time, just put quotes around “ethics rules”, and perhaps we could avoid any confusion.Yours in sarcasm,Steve

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