Cher, Madonna and Ramona

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Former CIETC CEO-turned admitted crook Ramona Cunningham had her day in federal court in Des Moines. She is no longer saying she is “not guilty” and “earned” the ridiculous amounts of bonuses and salaries she awarded herself (along with the help of the former Chairman of the Board, who also apparently was her former “more than friends” kind of pal). She pleaded guilty to 8 of the 30 federal charges of obstruction, fraud, misapplication of funds and conspiracy. Did I leave any out? She didn’t have much to say to us as she walked passed the media hoard.

Her attorney, Bill Kutmus, did talk about all the attention the media have brought to this case. He said because of all the continued attention, Cunningham can now be as easily recognized with just one name like Madonna and Cher. Ramona. Yep, it’s the media’s fault. It has nothing to do with the fact the GED-turned-CEO allegedly swindled taxpayers out of a half a million dollars that was supposed to help Iowans get jobs. Ramona. Yep, it’s the media’s fault. He also said Cunningham, I mean, Ramona, will not be able to return to live in Iowa again. Ramona. Yep, it’s the media’s fault.
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