Overnight Flooding, Dark Knight, and The Open

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Good Morning!
First a big congratulations from the Today in Iowa team to our favorite Ames blogger “Rosario”.
I say he’s our favorite cause we’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times and because he sent us coffee all the way from Maine. If you missed the comments from yesterday he and his wife are expecting. Congrats!
Hope you all are looking forward to the weekend. Jeriann says you should expect some rain at times. Hopefully it won’t be a total washout.

To the News
Overnight Rains
Speaking of washout…you’d think after all we’ve been through here in Iowa and all of the pictures of stalled out cars along flooded roads…people would simply not drive through the water! No such luck. The storms woke me up last night a couple of times…or that might have been the lightening strike on our block. It’s the second time it’s happened this year and I’m starting to wonder if someone is flying a kite during storms or something.

Dark Knight
Meagan got up early to ask people coming out of the midnight premiere of Dark Knight what they thought of the movie. It sounds like this one is going to be popular. It’s definitely not one for the kids but I’m more enthusiastic after hearing the reviews. Remember there’s only about a month to see this one on Imax at The Science Center.

Latest Addiction
I’m headed over to the mall this weekend to get accessories for my new Ipod toy. I’m also opening myself up to the world of podcasts. Sally and I have friends in Minneapolis who are, A Much cooler than us, and B. Much more tech savvy. They already subscribe to a lot of podcasts and talk about how much they enjoy them, but I never really gave it much thought until I started downloading the Nightly News podcast. There are podcasts for just about everything. Maybe we can convince the boss to let us to a video version of the Morning buzz that we can put up on itunes as a podcast. My point in saying this is that whenever I pull back another layer of technology like this i feel even further behind the curve. The scary part of this is that I’m not even using this iPod to its full potential. Maybe I’ll get a little tutorial from the guys at the Apple store.
Other than that it will be a quiet weekend.


  • CK Mason

    If you want a good podcast to listen to listen/subscribe to The Bob and Bill Show. It’s two local guys from Des Moines talking about anything and everything about Des Moines/Iowa/etc. They are a comedy podcast and have a hilarious Top Ten List at the end of the show each time they podcast. They podcast about once a month so you can catch up real quick on old shows before they put out a new one! Their website is: http://bobandbillshow.libsyn.com

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