After Hours

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Someone was burnin’ the midnight oil in the Lt. Gov’s office. I received an email from the Rebuild Iowa Office around 1:37am to say Patty Judge wants FEMA to take those nasty, mold-covered trailers back, instead of making Iowans, who already homeless and suffering from floods, live in them. Didn’t we go through this during Hurricane Katrina? Heckuva job.

Sunday is apparently National Ice Cream Day (do I have to buy someone a card for this?). In 1984 President Reagan declared the special day. BTW, the ice cream cone was invented in St. Louis in 1904. At least that’s what I hear. Here are the top 12 ice cream searches on Yahoo over the past month: (my favorite flavor, Raspberry/Chocolate Chip, isn’t listed)

1. Vanilla
2. Chocolate
3. Strawberry
4. Banana
5. Green Tea
6. Peach
7. Coconut
8. Oreo
9. Ube (It’s Phillipino)
10. Coffee (including espresso)
11. Spumoni
12. Cherry

My Cardinals are smokin’ right now. Ludwick, Ankiel, Pujols, Glaus…they’re all hitting. (My brother picked a great game to go sweat in the sun to watch:) But why is Tony torching the bullpen the way he is? Todd Wellemeyer was mowing down the Padres Saturday(after getting knocked around in the first two innings). Why did he lift him in the 7th? Why not at least let him finish the inning to save some strain on the bullpen?