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Regents Meeting, Liz and Lance on RAGBRAI, and Patee

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Good Morning!
I’m sitting listening to Pandora radio. I’m sure all of you tech savvy people know and use Pandora all the time but it’s a new addition to my computer screen. I’m getting tired of the music on my iPod so Pandora is giving me some suggestions about music I might like. If you’ve never used Pandora, you simply register, give the site the name of an artist or song you like and it plays songs you might also like. It’s been a really good source of music that would never have tried otherwise. I got back into the Pandora this morning because its an application in the iTouch. I’m still messing around with it, and found some really helpful suggestions at the iTunes store over the weekend. Anyway, give it a try.

This should be interesting. After a weekend revelation from the mother of the woman who leveled sexual assault allegations against two former Hawkeye football players, the Iowa Board of Regents wants some answers. The letters were sent last fall to the University alleging that the University tried to convince this young woman not to pursue action of some sort against the football players. The Regents President says he didn’t see the letters and he wants to know why. Good question.

Lance and Liz are making the trek from Jefferson to Ames today. Should be a good day. Less humid. Concert tonight includes Styx and The NADAS. proceeds go to flood relief. Get up there if you’re so inclined. Should be fun.

They’re just Lion
Did anyone see this video on the Today show this morning? No way! I don’t think I believe this one. The story says two guys raised a lion cub and when he got too big they reintroduced him into the wild. They say they went to find the lion years later in Africa, and claim the video shows their reunion. Cmon…no way. These guys would have been the buffet line if they’d gone to find a wild lion in Africa…
You Decide:

Ok…So there’s your debate for the day. Is this real?
I have no Idea…have done no reading on this. I’m sceptical.

Hotel Patee
Along with Snookey’s, the “Iowa” tradition I have never taken part in is a night at the Hotel Patee. Brooke says it’s a great littler winter retreat. Now that the hotel is back open…maybe I’ll try it out.

Have a good day.


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