Regents, RAGBRAI, and May City Star

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Hope you enjoyed the nice wake-up weather this morning. I thought it was noticeably less humid, and this time of year that’s about all you can ask for.

To the news:

I’ll give the Regents credit for reopening this investigation without embarrassment. They shouldn’t be. It’s hard to make an informed decision without all of the information.

The question we’ve been asking here is what will the consequences be? Sean Keeler answers that in his article this morning…and I agree with a lot of what he has to say (as usual).

University officials held back information from the Regents. University President Sally Mason says it was because she feared violating privacy law? I think someone over at the university‘s law school might be able to clarify that one.

What’s more, why would she keep the existence of the letters from the board? There are a lot of questions, I’ll be interested in the answers.
Roger Riley came in this morning around 3:30 and told us he ran into a bunch of riders who told him they’d just arrived in Ames.

I’ve never ridden in RAGBRAI and I probably won’t but it sound like one of those things you can’t fully understand until you do it. I have to say there’s a part of me that thinks it sounds like a blast. There’s a part of me that wouldn’t be able to survive without a good shower and a good bed for six nights. Then there’s the actual biking.
Anyway, I hope everyone continues a safe and fun journey across the state.

May City Star
My computer at the desk is working again which means I’m significantly more distracted during the show, but it also means I got to read more about Shawn Mayer this morning. I admit, I am a limited Country music fan, so Nashville star isn’t high on my watch list for TV( I think it’s on past my bedtime too). Anyway, we talked about the May City Iowa native that’s a finalist on the show this season. It means there’s a free concert in “Downtown” May City tonight. The concert will then air as part of the next Nashville Star. If you want to go up to May City here’s a map. Leave yourself some time. It’s a long drive. I also found this conversation with Shawn from the Spencer newspaper (shout out to our friend and Spencer native Elisha Anderson at the Detroit Free Press). Anyway, Shawn is on our radar and we’ll try to get you updates as she progresses from here.
Hope you all have a great day.