Flooding, Ames Shooting and Long Weekend

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Good Morning!

Back after a long weekend in Chicago and Lake Geneva where, among other things, my wife’s family learned I write this blog daily. Oooooops! That might have been a mistake. So if you start to see goofy posts from a guy named ProfR or T-bone…disregard. We went up there for Sally’s Grandma’s 90th birthday. I’ll get into that in a minute.

First, The News
More severe storms popped up all night around Central Iowa. For most of you reading this, the Sunday storms dumped the most water on your yard…If you live anywhere on a line from Carol to Osceola, you’ve been watching the rain and hearing the thunder for the better part of 24 hours.
We’re all going to be dealing with flooding over the next few days. The Des Moines and Raccoon River basins are filling up again so fasten your seat belts sports fans…we could be headed for a familiar scene again.
One thing I wanted to point out. We were on our way home as the storms hit Central Iowa. We actually stopped at the Grinnell rest area when the warning’s came in for Jasper County. We ran inside and were joined by more than a dozen people who must have heard the same thing. Inside the rest stops on I-80 there are screens where you can check the forecast. The radar was up on the screen but the picture didn’t match the reality outside. Still, a handful of people came in, looked at the screen, walked out, and kept going west. They missed the fact that the radar signature was about a half hour behind real time. About ten minutes later storm spotters reported a tornado at the Newton Airport…right on I-80.
Sally and I talked about it a little on the way home. Is it better to have the information on the screen be wrong, or to simply take those radar screens out if they can’t be real time?
In the winter, I love the fact that they’re in the rest stops because you get a big picture of where snow, sleet and rain are. In the summer the delay makes a difference. What do you think?
And by the way, thanks to all of the people stuck at the Grinnell rest stop with us. You made a less than enjoyable situation a little more bearable.

Ames Shooting
A man walked into a Casey’s and shot the clerk Sunday in Ames. Witnesses say it was the man’s girlfriend and that he’d threatened her earlier in the day. The story continued when police found the suspect riding a bike down Highway 30. When police rolled up on the guy, he started shooting. Somewhere in the exchange of gunfire the suspect jumped into the Police cruiser and took off. The chase that followed the shootout lasted into Marshall County where the man killed himself. Investigators will have a lot of questions, including, how did this guy get the police officer far enough away from, so that the suspect could jump in and take off?

We had the President of the Iowa Chops on the show this morning to talk about the team name and the prospects for the new AHL franchise in town. It looks like hockey is a tough sell in Iowa but if anyone can do it…it’s the franchise once owned by Disney. The chops say winning is the key to getting fans in the door. I say chopping the ticket price is going to help. A $10 ticket will get me to come for a few games. It might even get me back regularly.

Congrats to the dragons. Winning a State Baseball Championship is hard enough…going undefeated…now that’s a season!

We had a bit of a whirlwind weekend that took us from Chicago Thursday night, up to Lake Geneva Wisconsin on Friday. The good news is, we had a great time.
Sally’s Grandma Penny is turning 90 this December, but as with any family it’s hard to get everyone in one place for the holidays. So they decided to have a party in the summer instead. Sally’s Aunt and Uncle hosted a great party, as they always do. We ate great food from dawn till dusk and were treated to a pontoon ride around the lake.
Now Grandma Penny really doesn’t need “stuff” anymore so Sally came up with an alternative. We all found a “white elephant” type gift that reminded us of Penny. We had to include a card that told the story of one of our favorite Penny memory. The result was a gift bag that included cooked carrots, a guide to seashells and a big jug of Canadian Whiskey (Penny’s a really interesting lady). The stories were great, and I hope Penny had as much fun as we did. We capped off the weekend at the Fontana Lion’s CLub Lobster Boil Saturday night! What a great night! That’s Sally with her cousins(the girls anyway).
It should come as no surprise that I slipped in a round of golf too. I played a Course called Geneva National. They have three courses. I played the Gary Player Designed Course. Really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who’s going up to Lake Geneva for a summer vacation.
I’m going to Add pictures of the weekend with Penny and some other links when I get home. The pics are on the camera at home. They should be up by late morning. (Tues Am update: I can’t find the cord that connects the camera with the computer but I did find these pics on my phone)

Have a good day.