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Boz is back…Where is Schmett?

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3rd District Congressman Leonard Boswell put together a little thank you for the thank yous he received during his latest hospital stint. To borrow a phrase from one of the producers in our news room…”he was still in the hospital?” Boswell spent two weeks in the D.C. hospital for what, we don’t know. His office has never given specifics. Of course, Boswell never gave specifics about that 20 pound mass doctors removed several years ago. But voters re-elected him without that knowledge.

Where has Boswell’s Republican challenger been all this time? Other than his official announcement, has Kim Schmett held any type of event? I sure don’t remember any. It’s interesting that Republicans complain constantly that Boswell has never accomplished much in Congress, yet they can’t seem to beat him. Is Schmett saving his firepower for later on when strategists would argue voters are paying more attention? Does that work for a guy, who as far as I know, isn’t well-known in the district?

Perhaps, he’s working on his debate skills. I just found this posting:


  • Steve Deace

    Schmett doesn’t have any firepower. He’s a terrible candidate, and I’m guessing he knows it. He has no issues and he has no base. He drew the short straw to get butchered this fall so that more prominent and respected Republicans can run against an even older Boswell two years from now in a friendlier 2010 climate. The reason Republicans can’t beat Boswell is because a lot of Republicans in this district with the profile to run are gutless and frankly not that different from Leonard on the issues. Therefore, they can’t even consolidate the Republican vote in this district, let alone get people to crossover in a district dominated by Democrats. A lot of these Republicans are just like the Democrats — but richer. They’re the most prime targets for Operation Extinction. I believe Schmett’s campaign slogan is “Because no one else would.”

  • Shane Vander Hart

    I agree with Steve. He is a horrible candidate. I’ve not yet heard him speak… he sent his wife to speak to the Polk County GOP convention and to the Polk County Republican Committee. I don’t know who told him that was a good idea, but just to say she didn’t do him any favors.As much as I’d like to see Boswell lose his seat… it isn’t going to happen this year. His biggest challenge probably came from Fallon which is really, really sad.

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