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Hi blog readers! I started writing yesterday, but just didn’t have any juice for it. This is what I wrote before giving up entirely.

I got nuthin‘ for ya today gang.
It’s Monday.
I’m tired and I don’t feel good.
Blech, blech, blech.

All of that was true. What a difference a day makes! It’s Tuesday, I’ve gotten some sleep, and I don’t feel sick. Hooray!

Moving on to answers to questions posted on last week’s blog.
Yes, Amanda did return to Channel 5. She is doing great and you can catch her anchoring on weekends and reporting during the week. I was glad you guys asked about Amanda, because it prompted me to drop her a long overdue email. I was tickled to get an update on her little one, Maddox. He is walking and talking and I’ve no doubt he is still one of the cutest children on the face of the planet.
And yes, we are having quite the baby boom here at Channel 13! Both Megan and Megan are due in the fall, while Jeriann is due in January. Ed Wilson and I were just talking about reading an article about a “baby boomlet” in the United States. We’re seeing the largest increase in our population since 1957, which of course was during the baby boom generation. Researchers say the increase in births is because professional women are giving birth when they reach their 40s and more women in their 20s are getting pregnant shortly after getting married. Personally, I think the long, horrible winter might have something to do with it… how ’bout you?
Finally, speaking of the weather department, Justin is taking a job in the Quad Cities. Good luck Justin, we’ll miss you!

Thanks for the emails and postings.
Have a great week!


  • Charles Blakemore

    All I want to know is if I passed the “audition.” I blogged like crazy in the Smoking Ban and the UI Sexual Assault blogs. Did I get the job of Blog Troublemaker??? LOL!!! Just joking. I am really glad we have a venue to express ourselves in. I do, however, hope that you guys are watching and will have some sort of segement on your shows as a tribute to we bloggers. Take care, Erin. Keep hitting that news hard.

  • Dennis

    Glad Justin found a job quickly. he seemed like a very nice guy. I am wondering how the weather department is going to cover things with the two women on maternity leave possibly? I can’t imagine just Ed and Brett (as good as they both are) being able to handle the weather, since it sounds like possibly Megan and Jeriann’s “time off’s” might overlap. With the kind of weather we have had/have this Spring and Summer and what we had last winter, they surely will have to have a 3rd weatherperson at least? Are they looking for another person, or is that an inside secret? :)Keep up the good work Erin! And try to stay cool. (ugh).D.

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