Arrest, Eclipse, and Gone Fishin’

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Good Morning!

I have the best Co-Anchor on the planet! Brooke agreed to cover the Noon show for me this afternoon so I can get on the road for a long drive. I’m headed down to Missouri for my annual fishing trip with my Father-in-law, my best friend and his Dad. It’s become a great end of summer relaxation and I’m looking forward to the time to myself in the car and to the time with a great group of guys.
I’ll be gone Monday and Tuesday and I leave you in Brooke and Jeriann’s capable hands.

To the news
It was a case Police said they probably wouldn’t solve but this morning they made four arrests in the murder of Dean Davis. No explanation on motive but authorities confirmed to us that four young men are in custody and will be charged with the murder. I hope this brings some comfort to his family.

So all those attacks post 9/11 were apparently the work of a government scientist? Media outlets are reporting this morning that a 63 year-old government scientist killed himself by overdosing on pain medication. They also revealed he was about to be implicated in the mailing of anthrax to government buildings and several media outlets including NBC. This guy was one of the government scientists asked to analyze the samples taken from some of the letters.
From China this morning we watched live pictures of a total eclipse of the sun. A NASA scientist came on to talk about what they’d be watching for and why this was a unique opportunity. I hope you caught the interview. I’m always impressed with how plain spoken the NASA scientists are the the agency puts in front of the camera. We always try to take it when we get the chance to interview one of them.
I should take this chance to throw in that Iowa native Peggy Whitson will be at the Science Center of Iowa next week doing a series of talks that are open to the public. If you have the chance..get over there and hear her speak! She’s the first female commander of the International Space Station. If you can’t make it to SCI, go ahead and watch our Noon show that day.

Finally we were happy to welcome Bret McIntyre to our show this morning filling in for Jeriann. I know some of you have written in inquiring about Justin and where he went. Justin’s moved on to another job and we wish him the best. It’s always nice to replace one qualified person with another…and I can’t say enough about Bret and his abilities as a meteorologist. He’s still getting his feet wet so be kind, but this Iowa native and Iowa State grad is going to fit right in at channel 13. Welcome Bret!
Have a great weekend and stay cool out there in the heat!