First Day Fair, Favre, and Countdown to Beijing

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Good morning!

I hope that we said hi to at least a few of you who read this blog a on a regular basis when we were riding down Grand Ave last night for the State Fair Parade.
That’s a picture of the judges stand on the left where Andy Fales and Jeriann judged the floats. For the record: they didn’t pick our entry as a winner, of anything!
I went to bed with the soundtrack to “State Fair” in my head after riding behind a dance troupe using the score for its routine along the parade route. We also got to see Brad do a Hopscotch line someone had drawn up a long Grand Ave. I guess you have to do something to stay busy while more than 200 floats roll by.
It is a Great State Fair.
To the News:
Fair Weather
How about Day one of the State Fair? The first headline is that it’s not 95 and humid. You couldn’t ask for a better forecast for day one.
Headline 2 Is the throng of people who went down to the fairgrounds this morning to be part of the world record cord dog chomp with Van and Bonnie from WHO radio.
You know I like to share phone calls into the newsroom on this blog, here’s one:
I just got off the phone with a very nice woman who was wondering if we were going to share the Van and Bonnie video with CNN or Fox news. I told her we’re not affiliated with either of those networks but I thought maybe NBC might pick it up and pass it along to other affiliates. I doubt Nightly News will pick up. They’re a little busy with a small athletic competition you may have heard of in China these days. Well, this very nice woman was not understanding. Why can’t we just give the video to Fox News or CNN? That’s not the way it works, I say…she wasn’t having any of it.
We’ll we’ll pass along video of a quintessential Iowa morning to anyone at NBC who wants to use it. I hope everyone has fun out at the Fair. Only Van and Bonnie could pull that many people to one place, that early in the morning.
So I guess Bret Favre isn’t going to Vikings. Good I say. Bears fans rejoice! Our chances of winning the NFC North just went up exponentially.

We got our first live report this morning from the Register’s Bryce Miller. He’d just come from the US Women’s Gymnastics team workout and news conference. He told us Shawn Johnson looked like she was a lot more comfortable in the gym than she was running the gauntlet of reporters after getting out of customs. It looked like something off of entertainment tonight.
Anyway, Bryce did a great job and will be giving us live reports through the Olympics. His blog entries on the Register Website are also really good and give a little more flavor of what he’s doing over there.
10:30am…As a measure of just how out of it I am this morning… I forgot. The PGA Championship starts this morning at Oakland Hills Golf Course in Michigan. Someone feel my forehead.
Hope you have a great day!
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