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Nothing like the Iowa State Fair. Seriously, nothing. Pork chop on a stick. A corn dog. Chocolate chip cookies. And chicken lips. Not a bad day of feasting. Sure wish I would have worked out this morning.

It wasn’t nearly as miserably hot as it was last year. I won’t talk about the corn dog stampede. People who showed up at the fair before 8:30am were told they could get a free corn dog. Problem was apparently about twice as many people showed up as there were corn dogs. Oops.

Another far more serious potential mishap. I spent much of the day at our 3rd Annual Cast Your Kernel corn poll at our booth near the Administrative Building (This should get you the latest results). There was quite a distraction next to us. On the air I called it (in all respect) the “square dancing, cross dressing, tractor drivers.” There was a group of men on tractors (some dressed as women). They drove around in formation and circles while someone placed square dancing music. It’s quite a sight, actually very entertaining. After we finished our “live shot” on the 6pm news, we heard the crowd yell, “OOOWWWW”. We turned around to see one of the tractors apparently bump the tire of another and flip over turn the crowd. Fortunately, it didn’t fall on top of anyone. Drivers helped flip the tractor back over. The driver was fine. It could have been disastrous.

Hey, thanks to everyone for the well wishes on my painful tooth. Turns out no root canal necessary now. Apparently, I’m a massive teeth grinder. The dentist told me I have grinded my teeth (is that even a word?) so hard for so long, I’ve actually made a few almost pointy. When I grind at night, I’m digging the bottoms into the back of my top two front teeth. So my extreme pain was just like a really bad, deep bruise. It’s almost embarrassing. Actually, not almost. It is embarrassing. I’m supposed to get some kind of mouth guard I wear at night. That’ll be sexy.

Come see us at the fair Friday (we’ll have the booth set up throughout the entire fair). John McCain is coming to the fair tomorrow. Don’t know if he’ll come to our booth. No Barack Obama this year. He had quite the entourage of curious onlookers last year. We’ll see what kind of throng McCain gets.

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  • freckles

    Hi!Every night I religously watch Live at 5 at the fair and the kernels cast. In the background I see intern, Jaime Thies. Can I get a good view of granddaughter before the fair ends?Thanks

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