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I forgot to mention one of the more interesting incidents that happened during John McCain’s fundraiser luncheon at Des Moines’ Wakonda Club. A security problem. I was waiting at the entrance to the hallway where McCain was speaking. The Secret Service makes you empty your pockets, get checked out for weapons and metal, etc. before you are allowed to pass through. I had already gone through this once, but had to do it again because I had slipped out to find the restroom. Anyway, there were two men ahead of me in line. The Secret Service agent asked if they had an invitation. They did not. It turns out they were both members of a health care organization trying push some type of cause.

The agent turned them both away. Both walked away without any problems. However, the agent seemed a bit perplexed about how the two men walked into the Wakonda. Apparently, other agents were supposed to be watching the entrance. Apparently, that didn’t happen. Oops. Pretty surprising since we had to have our camera gear checked out by the Secret Service by 9:45am, almost four full hours before our interview with McCain. The invited media were thoroughly checked out. Two uninvited men were not.

Cards/Cubs game 3 tonight. Big game. My Cardinals really need this one. It could be a heckuva pitching matchup with Carpenter and Dempster. Have I mentioned the Cards really need this one?
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