Shawn’s All-Around, Breaking News and Lock-up

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Good Morning!
We’re following some developing news on the North side of Des Monies that kept everyone busy this morning so lets get right to it.

Two people are dead and police have a house surrounded as I write this at 8am. As far as we know there’s one man inside holding two kids and an adult hostage. They aren’t sure if the two shootings are connected with the hostage situation yest but I think everyone would agree it would be a huge coincidence if they weren’t. Translators are being called in because no one in the house speaks English.
We have these situations from time to time where live coverage of a developing events might actually effect what’s going on on the scene. We were really careful this morning NOT to show any of the tactical team members as chopper was overhead. We backed up the chopper to make sure police didn’t have a distraction or problems hearing. Situations like this can change so quickly…we don’t want to add to an already dangerous situation for police.
Situation resolved by 8:25. Police got the kids out safely. At least one adult came out on a stretcher. Our crews are getting details.

All-Around Shawn
The Women’s individual all around final is tonight. Based on her performance so far, I would expect really good things from her. I can’t decide if I want to stay up and watch the entire thing tonight. It would be a REALLY late night for me. Jerianne and Brooke are talking about sleeping today and staying up tonight. Maybe.

From the too Little too Late File:
University of Iowa President Sally Mason is requiring all University personnel to take sexual harassment training. A university professor is now charged with bribing students, telling women they’ll get better grades if they give him sexual favors. What in the heck is going on over in Iowa City?

Sonya and Erin will be “locked up” at Splash Seafood Bar & Grill today as a fundraiser for the MDA. Set aside the fact that being locked-up at Splash is like punishing a kid by giving him a boost in his allowance…but it’s for a good cause. The goal is for them to raise more than sixteen hundred dollars each. They’ll be calling friends and asking for $. I think you can either stop by or make a pledge online. Of course all of the money goes to MDA.

Hope you all have a good day. Questions or comments? Leave em here and we’ll try to answer!

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  • Lester

    Sexual favors only get a woman places at Iowa universities? I think you get the same results at Banks, Hospitals, Grocery stores, and Churches.

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