You’ve got to be kidding me

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Did you see the vault? The Chinese gymnast falls to her knees and takes bronze?! The North Korean gymnast steps out of bounds with both feet on her landing and takes gold?! Alicia Sacramone has no major errors and finishes fourth? Crazy Bela Karolyi is right, it’s a “rip off” and something smells.

This is why I typically don’t watch sports that involve judges.


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the gymnastic judging in these games has been absolutely surreal. There is no rhyme or reason to it at all. I can’t understand Bela very well, but I can tell that its not just blatant homerism, its a matter of wanting fairness to ALL competitors.I feel so bad for Alicia. She’s had a rough go of it these games.Bryan

  • nuthatch

    I read online that she lost to the gal that fell on her knees, but when I saw the gold winner land out of bounds, I think on both vaults, I was pretty mad.I understand start values give you an advantage but to have a perfect routine and then loose to two others that have major flaws just dosn’t seem right.What’s worse, being 20 this was probably her last shot at an olympic medal.

  • Anonymous

    I know, my husband was sitting next to me, and he was like, “WHAT?!” He doesn’t follow gymnastics, so I tried to explain it to him, but this one was pretty hard to explain! It doesn’t seem fair that you can win an event, even with huge mistakes. I don’t care how difficult your routine is, if you don’t nail it, I don’t think you’ve earned it! Gymnastics is going to lose its fans if it’s not careful!

  • Anonymous

    I had to finally kick my husband to the basement. He kept commenting on Alicia’s neck girth and how Shawn Johnson reminded him of Bucky Beaver.

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