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They came. They cast. We counted. Drum roll, please. Wait, hold those drumsticks for a second. I don’t know if this matters, but we had about a third more people vote at our Cast Your Kernel this year at the Iowa State Fair than last. Sure, it might just be that people have now heard about what we are trying to do. But is it also a sign of just how much Iowans care about who their next president is? Cue the drummer…

Barack Obama 24,880
John McCain 23,980

This was back and forth early on, then Obama moved ahead, McCain made a surge, then Obama closed strong to win by 900. A couple quick, and probably not shocking observations from my many days at our booth… Obama seemed to do better among the under 45 crowd and with minorities. McCain seemed to do better with the gray hairs.

I dug up our previous results from last year.

A total of 35,448 kernels were cast in the poll.


Hillary Clinton 33%
John Edwards 28%
Barack Obama 22%
Bill Richardson 13%
Joe Biden 2%
Chris Doddd 1%
Dennis Kucinich 1%
Mike Gravel 0%


Romney 36%
Huckabee 17%
Giuliani 14%
Fred Thompson 13%
Tancredo 5%
Brownback 4%
Paul 4%
McCain 3%

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