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Shawn"s Silver, Fair Record and Man Room Clean-up

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Good Morning…

I’d like to know if any of you find yourself watching sports you’ve never had any interest in before. I am. I had the women’s field hockey game between the Netherlands and Spain up this morning on the computer while we were doing the show. Brooke said she watched an entire badminton match between two Chinese ladies. I got really into the women’s 8’s rowing finals and saw the US win a great water polo match this morning.. Just amazing…when you throw a flag on someone’s jersey what a difference it makes.
To the news:
Shawn Johnson came away from the weekend with a third silver medal. She performed a spectacular floor exercise and said she couldn’t do any better. I believe it.
See Murph’s Blog for more comment on the scoring of these events. I agree with him. Something stinks.

Nancy Stockdale joined us on the phone this morning from Beijing again. She wrote this morning about Shawn Johnson’s Coach Chow and his reaction to the scoring. She told us the look on his face was one of frustration. She also told us the tape delayed uneven bars competition tonight is going to be a good one. Get ready for another judging controversy! Good Stuff again Nancy!
Lolo Jones also ran in her Semifinal race today. I won’t spoil it for those of you who want to watch later today but here’s a link to the story for those of you who want the information now.
Fair Record
Is it any surprise to anyone that the Fair had record numbers this year? Shouldn’t be. With weather like we had last week, the fair is sure to be the beneficiary.
Man Room Clean-up
Sally is out of town for the week. For some men like me who don’t have kids this could mean a lot more golf. It still might for me, but I also have a bunch of things to do around the house. It’s not a honey-do list. It’s projects I’ve wanted to do for a long time and haven’t . One of them will be cleaning out “The Man Room”. If you remember this is the room I can keep just about anything in…and Sally can’t complain about it. Piles, old books, broken down boxes from old electronics, pictures we’ve never hung up on walls. It makes her skin crawl to go in there. For me it’s a little slice of heaven. But it’s getting a little to disorganized…even for me. So I’m going to go through old records, make sure all of our CD’s are downloaded on to iTunes, shred old documents we don’t need. Move some documents we do need to the safety deposit box, and throw A LOT of stuff away. I’ll try to post some pictures and give you progress reports. This will not be a one day project.

Hope you have a good day.
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