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Overnight Fire, Why I Love Lolo Jones and From the Mailbag

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Good Morning!
Apologies for this morning’s reading of the news. Some days are just like that. It seemed my brain wasn’t connected to my mouth. Oh well. Also, on our crime beat, if anyone’s seen Brad Ehrlich’s suit jacket, please call Crimestoppers. He usually puts it in the Men’s bathroom but this morning it was missing. I know the feeling. I actually keep all my jackets here at the station. I can’t trust myself to remember the right jacket every morning when I walk out the door. It amazes me sometimes that I can remember breakfast. I don’t need to add to the list.

To the News:

Overnight Fire
We walked in to the heartbreaking news that a toddler died in an overnight fire in Dallas County last night. Our producer Heather told us that the firefighters tried frantically to find the child but couldn’t. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Shawn and Lolo
How lucky are we? Not only are Iowa athletes some of the biggest headliners of the games but they’re also some of the classiest people in Beijing this week. If I had children that played sports I’d be sitting them down and making them watch these two women. They are at the top of their respective sports, they both had great victories and crushing defeats this week…and both of them showed great character in their reaction to it all.
I just saw both women on the Today show. Lolo Jones is the rare athlete that doesn’t have the pre-packaged soundbyte. She acknowledges her disappointment and resolves to find a way to improve. Show me a better example for young athletes. I don’t think there is one.

From the Mailbag
As long as we’re talking about the Olympics I thought I’d share my favorite overnight email.
A viewer wrote:
I am very disappointed that you chose to reveal Shawn Johnson’s gold medal feat, before it aired in prime time coverage, and without a spoiler alert. Our TV has been pretty much permanently set on NBC / WHOTV during the Olympics, but with this major flub i’m switching to (Brand X).
OK I’m not sure what newscast he was watching, but we’re warning people, we’re putting up a graphic warning people, then we’re pausing before we reveal the result. I’m not sure how much more time we can give people. We’re trying to cover all our bases here. We can’t go through our evening newscasts and simply ignore the results that came in almost 12 hours earlier.
Second, it wasn’t a flub… we intended to give people the news. This was one of the occasions where the actual competition preceded the TV coverage by almost 15 hours. If you really wanted to wait to find out about the results…why turn the TV on to news coverage?
On a personal note, I think finding out didn’t diminish the result in my head at all. I think it was still exciting, and in my case, I almost anticipated the event more knowing Shawn won!
That’s just my opinion.
Hope you all have a good day!


  • Jane B.

    Pat, Imagine my surprise when I heard the results about Shawn yesterday morning on NPR in their 7:00am newscast! I didn’t hear any warnings, just the results and I couldn’t help but just smile! Honestly, hearing the results made my day! WHO always does a great job at warning us before outcomes are announced, and I’m sure you did yesterday, too. I really enjoy your blog.

  • IAgal

    I had your morning show on yesterday, as I do every morning while I get myself and my children ready for the day. You DID have the warning and I muted my tv for that part of the newscast. However, like jane b., I heard it on another radio station when I got to work…no spoiler alert. They just blurted out that Shawn had finally won gold! I was disappointed to know in advance as I feel it isnt as much fun to watch when you know the results, but was happy to hear she’d finally gotten her gold! Congrats Shawn!!

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