Maybe the Start of an Olympic Hangover

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Good Morning!

I’m not sure what it is, but I just don’t seem to have much to say today(mark the date and time).
We are winding down Olympic coverage, though there’s no shortage of excitement left in the games. We move right into the Democratic National Convention Monday so there shouldn’t be a shortage of news. It was just so much fun to watch Shawn and Lolo Sinatra sang…I’ll only miss her when I think of her…

Before we get too sentimental…The News

The announcement comes today from the steps of the State Capitol. I know the Gov wants to Highlight the State’s involvement in getting a company like Microsoft to locate it’s server farm here but it seems, again, like this is more about the Gov than it is about the actual announcement. It’s West Des Moines’ news…wouldn’t it make sense to hold the news conference in West Des Moines?

School Starting
It’s the first day of classes for The Des Moines School District (among others around the state)…
I noticed the kids at Roosevelt decorated the pedestrian bridge over 235 with signs and then Roger Riley found the Roosevelt neighborhood strewn with TP. Cute. I’m not sure where this tradition started but it’s dumb.
The kids in Urbandale got it right this year. Do something like dressing up as a Senior Class, or donate your time and effort for something you’d be remembered for. I think Des Moines Christian has a system where the kids work their prank out with the Principal before they do it. He allows them to have some fun and they don’t go overboard. The kids then have to spend the rest of the day together going to breakfast, bowling…fun stuff that would only work with a smaller school like that, but you get the idea. Roosevelt’s seniors could be a force in the community instead they just decided to be kids.

Good articles today in several publications about Shawn Johnson’s future and her marketability. Here’s the short version: She’s got a girl-next-door personality with a knock-you-out smile…start adding up the endorsements.
Shawn’s coming home Monday. She’s marching in Closing Ceremonies Sunday.
The International Olympic Committee President voiced his displeasure with Usaine Bolt’s post race celebration for both the 100 and 200 meter dash. He’s an amazing athlete, but I agree, he should have been more gracious.

Day three of operation clean-up in the Man Room and though it doesn’t appear any cleaner…I threw away two trash bags full of paperwork and junk…reorganized the file cabinet (no small task), and sold off some old VHS tapes (we don’t have a VCR anymore).

I need to go home and do some dishes. I made the mistake of leaving them overnight. It seemed like a good idea at the time, because I was tired. Now I’m regretting not getting them done when I had the time last night.

Thanks for the comments about our Olympic spoiler warnings. We did our best. I just don’t see how you can get through the day turning on a TV Radio or the Internet, and not have something like that come up.

Have a good day!

P.S.-Brooke and I will be at the Science Center of Iowa’s annual fundraiser Friday Night. I’m emcee for the auction again this year and a member of the event’s organizing committee.
You can still get tickets by calling the Science Center (274-6868) or at the door that night. It’s always a great party and people under 30 get a discount on tix.

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    People like the viewer in your mailbag conveniently (or maybe selfishly?) forget that there are many people who either don’t have the time (like me) to camp out in front of the TV in primetime to watch the olympics, but who are still supporting our athletes and want to know how they performed, OR guess what, there ARE people out there who just don’t care to watch the Olympics, but of course are interested in finding out how our local kids performed. With kids and everything else, it seems unfair to punish those who can’t or don’t want to watch by making us stay up for the late news. So I appreciate the updates. I might suggest making the results a LINK on your website, though, rather than a banner headline on the homepage. Just a thought, so those who are trying to avoid it, can.As an aside, we couldn’t be more proud of Shawn and Lolo. Patrick is right, they have displayed remarkable poise and class in both victory *and* defeat. We’re lucky to have them represent Iowa.

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