Olympic Investigation, VP Search/Homes and Goodbye Heather

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Good Morning!
Our Heads are hanging, we’re in the dumps, our future is uncertain and we’re not sure how we’ll go on….
OK maybe that’s a little over dramatic but our highly competent Today in Iowa Producer Heather Lewis is leaving us. People often ask how much writing we do and how we pick the stories for the show. The answer is, Heather does a lot of the writing and picks the rundown for our show every morning. She has come in at 10:30 pm and worked overnight for the last two years, making this show the best it can be every morning. To say we appreciate her effort isn’t saying enough. She will be missed.

To the news:

OK so when you went to bed the IOC was going to step in and investigate the age of the Chinese gymnasts. If this gave you some small hope that justice would be done and the US team might eventually get the gold…too bad.
It seems it took all of 12 hours for the IOC to decide there was no was to prove the age of the gymnasts from China so…too bad.
I can’t imagine this turning out any other way right now. We may, some day, have a different answer, but for now the IOC can’t insult it’s host country. Can you imagine the public outcry in China if it was stripped of the Gold? I bet the government would allow a few protesters out on the streets then wouldn’t they?
I’m also gripping the keyboard as tightly as I can this morning worried I might drop it. I became afraid of dropping things after watching the menus and women’s 4×100 meter relay teams last night. I’ve run that race before and so I know it’s hard to make a pass going full speed, but I also agree with NBC’s commentators last night. Of all of the US “teams” the track and field has become anything but a team. Every athlete has his or her own agenda, and there’s no cohesiveness. Not that anyone follows track and field outside a 12 month period surrounding the Olympics but this should be fixed. It’s like when we started losing in basketball…
But look at it this way…at least we’ll have another “redeem team” next Olympics.

Everyone’s cell phone charged? The VP announcement is coming out in the next day or so from the Obama Campaign. Any predictions? Quick…it could be out sooner rather than later.
Also the argument over McCain and how many houses he has…now we’re getting into silly season. I understand McCain’s lack of knowledge of how many homes he owns passes understanding for most of us. Still, it’s not like Obama lives in a two bedroom ranch in Beaverdale. the guy is hardly middle class. So lets not throw stones from our houses…(glass or otherwise) and maybe get back to debating the actual issues this country is facing.

Again, If you’d like to hang out…please come down to the Science Center of Iowa tonight for the annual fundraising event. My folks and Sally’s parents are coming to town, as is my sister. I’ve got a full schedule leading up to the event tonight but I’m going to try to squeeze in some sleep so I don’t pass out during the auction. Brooke, Brad and I will all be around so if you’re there, please don’t hesitate to stop any of us and say hello!

Have a good weekend!