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Sarah Baracuda, Storms and RVTV

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Good Morning…
The Republican National Convention hit high gear last night thanks to Sarah Palin…we’ll see if that momentum can continue tonight.

To the news
Sarah Barracuda
I think we saw a bit of Governor Palin’s personality last night and why she got that nickname in High School. The attacks weren’t shrill…they were softened by Palin’s folksy delivery.
I am struck every time I hear her speak how many times she will phrase something that you know will resonate with Mothers and fathers across the country. I’m not sure how much that’s going to matter when people actually go to vote, but I know more than a few people who’ve said it makes them want to listen more.
We didn’t hear a lot of specifics about what she wants to do, but I think we got a sense that this is a woman with the potential to be a formidable candidate. We’ll see if she can live up to that over the next six weeks. I thought most of the coverage was fair. I thought the New York Times columnist that tore Palin apart was condescending and at times took cheap veiled swipes at the candidate. Stick to reviewing TV shows.

I’m not sure if anyone else is even paying attention but I almost fell out of my chair when Brian Williams announced the news that Hurricane Ike went from a Category 1 storm yesterday morning, to a category four storm by the end of the day. It may not be on anyone else’s radar screen but I’m just fascinated by stuff like this. I hadn’t seen any forecasts that had Ike growing that large, that fast. Forces of nature like this are amazing.

Anyone have any ideas for an encore to last year’s RVTV wake-up call? We used the band last at ISU last year and I don’t think the boys in Sports were all that happy. But it was goooood TV. The boys will be a moving target this year, starting in Ames, moving to Marshalltown and the square the next day. They’ll be in Oskaloosa Thursday then Friday in Iowa City. Feel free to schedule your appearance on RVTV at one of these locations.

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  • Titleist755

    Palin hit a home run last night! Very well done! I can’t find anything about this woman that is not “like” able…….Nice work on the choice Senator McCain. It’s a winner!!!

  • Titleist755

    From Jeff Lord in the American Spectator………THE INFURIATING FACT for Democrats is that Obama and his call for change have been trumped by the Palin selection. Trumped big time. This explains the ferocious attacks already unleashed on Palin. Liberals in the media and elsewhere for whom she does not represent their idea of a “woman” (all women are pro-choice professionals, right?) will be going after her with the vitriolic poison that is reserved for any woman or minority perceived as leaving the intellectual plantation. Think of the treatment of Clarence Thomas. Times a hundred. Governor Palin is going to have everything but the kitchen sink thrown at her. It has already begun. She will be mocked, made fun of, savaged for everything from her taste for moose hunting to her clothes and hair to having five kids. The business about her daughter’s pregnancy and whether or not she should even be campaigning when she has a Down’s syndrome infant is but the opening round designed to make her look like a fool, a boob and an idiot.Why? Because Sarah Palin is a threat. A serious threat. She is the very embodiment of fundamental change. If she had the guts to take on the old boy network in Alaska she clearly will be unafraid to do the same in Washington. And every liberal interest group in town and their allies around the country and the blogosphere know it, so they are rallying to do their damnedest to destroy this woman, her family and everything she represents. They simply cannot afford to have real change.I could not agree more!

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