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Big Bucks for Biden

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Looks like Governor Culver is taking a break from flood recovery to try to help bring in a flood of dough for his party. Better bring your checkbooks. Of course, a little earlier on Monday you can hear Biden for free at the Knapp Animal Learning Center at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines at 3:15pm.

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  • S. Johnson

    The Obama campaign has raised more money than any other campaign in history and they’re coming to the State of Iowa to pass their hat around!? How much is enough?? There are communities all over this State still trying to raise money for flood victims. There are flood and tornado victims still trying to put their lives back together. This event has nothing to do with the hard-working, average Americans that the Democratic party claims they are on the side of. Why not ask these “elite” Iowans to use their money to host a dinner for flood victims and speak to the people in this State who really have a stake in this election? Elitism isn’t confined to Washington!

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