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Fannie, Freddie, Ike and Bigfoot

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Good Morning!

We’ve got a lot to talk to talk about this morning but first…I think we hired Bigfoot for some sort of job over the weekend.
Maybe my Fraternity brothers have moved into our studios. Is there another Teen Wolf movie shooting here in Des Moines that I’m not aware of? Is DMACC teaching a beginning forensics class in our Men’s bathroom?
All of this is possible given the amount of hair on the sink in the Men’s Dressing Room.
I’m no neat freak but no one likes to clean up anyone else’s post-shave sink.
It was a great way to start the morning.

Actually, I got up on the wrong side of the bed to begin with…My alarm didn’t go off until 2:55 this morning(that’s an hour late).
I reset my alarm to get up Sunday morning and when I went to set it back to my normal Monday morning time last night… I just didn’t wind it back far enough.
I think I’ve been doing this too long, because my late wake-up didn’t produce the adrenaline laced panic it has in the past. I just shortened up my morning routine a little and got to work.

Fannie and Freddie
So the bail-out that everyone expected has finally come. I know a lot of companies and a lot of individuals screwed up to get the US housing market into this mess, but the question for me is, is it better to bail them out at taxpayers expense now or let the market do it’s thing? I guess I’d fall into the bailout camp right now. This morning the dollar is up, stocks are up as expected.

No one Likes Ike
Ike is expected to lose strength over Cuba. Still the forecast for this thing isn’t great for the Gulf Coast. Even if Ike stays on track and hits west of New Orleans, there’s still going to be flooding concerns all over the gulf coast. And the Hurricane season isn’t even close to over yet.

Flood Recovery
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Iowa today looking at flood damage from our spring storms. Is anyone else amazed that this is the first time the Speaker of the House could get to Iowa for a tour of the clean-up. What she’ll see today is significantly less that when the flooding first occurred. It would be easy for the country to forget the devastation caused by flooding and tornadoes here this spring. That said, it feels a little like the Speaker’s visit might be an afterthought. I fully admit to having no idea what her schedule is and it’s not like she can just drop everything and get here; but we’re talking about a major flood relief funding package in Congress that makes an enormous difference to the people of this state. So, I’m left to wonder, should New Orleans and the Gulf Coast make Christmas plans for the Speaker’s visit?

Presidential Polls
Sen John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin surged ahead of Sen Barack Obama and Joe (Biden of course it’s Biden)Leiberman in the latest USA Today Poll out this morning. I’m not sure it means anything except this…it’s going to be a close race and the addition of Palin to the ticket probably made it close. A year and a half ago I would have said there was no way a Republican could win the White House. Now it looks like a real possibility.

What’s in a Title?
We had a mini debate I’d like your opinion on. We did a story this morning about a father and son who tread water for 15 hours near the Florida Coast after being swept out to sea. The two were separated by the current. The dad was rescued after 12 hours. It took the Coast Guard another two hours to find the boy.
The Coast Guard rescuers said they couldn’t remember two people who’d been found alive after such a long time in the water.
Here’s the hitch…the boy is autistic. Now our producer Jenny, who has an autistic son, left that detail out of the initial writing of the script. Jenny and Megan Reuther, who has an autistic brother-in-law, were talking about this when I walked back into the newsroom. Jenny felt like this was an amazing story regardless of the kid’s autism. She made the point, “I wouldn’t walk into a room and introduce my kids…’this is my daughter and this is my autistic son.'”
I tended to think that detail made the story even more remarkable. No wrong answers here, what do you think?

Da Bears
Last night’s win in Indianapolis gives me hope for the year as a Bears fan. It’s even more fun watching here in Iowa because Kyle Orton is the Bears’ QB. I hope we’ll get to see more of the Bears on Sunday because of that.

I’ll add pics after I get back for the Noon.
Have a good one!


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