School Board, Sarah Palin Doll and No Time to Panic

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Good Morning!

I haven’t done the show without a co-anchor for some time now and I am reminded how hard it is…hard being a relative term here, I’m not doing any heavy lifting. Brooke has said it in the past and I agree. We have a great team and when one of us is gone for an extended period, it just makes you appreciate how good we have it.

To the News!

School Board
More than twice as many people came out to vote for School Board Elections than they did the last time around. That would normally signal a large change movement and might be bad news for incumbents. Not so in Des Moines.
I’m left to the conclusion that voters largely rejected the change argument being made by some of the challengers. I would bet some of the challengers would argue that voters were simply uninformed…they were duped.
So what’s your opinion, are we just stupid, or did voters come out in larger than normal numbers to vote for the most qualified candidates they thought would work for the student of the District?

Sarah Palin Doll
Speaking of stupid, I said the Sarah Palin doll we showed on the air was stupid.
Now maybe that wasn’t the best choice of words but someone mistook my comment for a criticism of the Republican candidate herself. On the contrary, I think it’s the height of disrespectful to sell a doll of one of the people running for one of the highest offices in the country.

I think this is particularly disrespectful given one of the accessories for the doll is a “school girl” outfit. I don’t think they’re trying to insinuate that Governor Palin is studious.
I can’t believe Republicans wouldn’t be off the wall about this. It reduces one of the more accomplished women in politics to the status of…well…sex symbol. She may be beautiful, but I don’t think that’s the only thing attracting voters. She also has some ideas that people seem to be drawn to. That was my point.

Online Buzz
Regina Lewis was on for our consumer segment again this month and has some great tips for parents as the kids head back to school. For those of you who haven’t seen her Lewis is AOL’s Internet/Consumer expert.
She offers up a monthly satellite interview segment if we want to take it and we’ve started to on a regular basis. Sometimes her topics and her timing couldn’t be better (We talked to her a day after the new iPhone came out).
Here are links to the topics she talked about today:

Sometimes the topics are useful but maybe not as locally focused as we’d like. So I’m going to ask you all to email in some topics to us. If you have a question about finding something online, about a new online trend that you’re not sure about, or need some help navigating the sometimes confusing world of cyberspace…let me know. I’ll email her and we can talk about the topics on our monthly segment.

Apple Apps
Speaking of technology, I’ve recently discovered the Apple “Apps Store”. It’s downloadable programs that go on an iPhone or iTouch. I have the iTouch and I think some of this stuff is great! I recently downloaded a program that turns your iPod into a level, some new games, a program offering interesting facts from “This day in history”, a copy of the entire New American Bible for reference and a copy of the US Constitution. I say all of this because I wonder if any of you are using the iPhone or iTouch. If so, what are your favorite apps?
Green Habitat
Meagan Reuther had an interesting story this morning that she’ll follow up on in our Renew Iowa segment tonight at 5. Habitat for Humanity builds homes for families who couldn’t otherwise afford it. It’s a cause most of us are familiar with. Now Habitat is taking on a “Green” building project. It costs more to build but in the long run could save the family who lives in the home on heating, cooling and energy costs. What good is a home if people can’t afford to live there?

Hope you all have a good day,


  • Jane B.

    You’re doing a great job, PWD. It took me awhile to get used to Brooke again, but I have and enjoy her. Where is she this week? When you said ‘extended leave’, it concerned me. Thank you!

  • Steve

    Yeah, is Brooke all right? I hope so. Anyways, the iTouch is awesome! The apps I currently have:Tic Tac Toe: free game, my daughter and I will play it.AOL Radio: you can customize your fsvorites, some good options out there.Pandora: Another “radio” thing. You put in your favorite artist and it will select similar music for you. Actually, this one is pretty awesome.AIM: This way I can instant message my wife while I am at the grocery store to ensure I don’t forget anything. :)Facebook: A limited version of the actual Facebook from the web. I gotta be honest, I don’t use it much.myLite: Acts as a flashlight, strobe effects included. The flashlight actually came in handy once, and the strobe light is a riot when it’s time to wake up my wife.Mobile News: This is from the Associated Press, it has national headlines, and even local!! That’s super handy…especially for Friday High School football scores.Tip: It’s for tipping amounts by percentage, and even breaks it down if you have multiple people in your party and want to split the tip. It’s neat, but I could do without it.Sol Free: Solitaire!!Hangman: This one is fun.iPhunny: a bunch of jokes from late night comedians…from monologues, things like that.

  • togobrandybuck

    I going with stupid as well Patrick. Regardless of my feelings about Sarah Palin, the doll dumbs her down. I thought Amy Teinmann, author of Mojo Mom, wrote an interesting blog about her yesterday from a feminist mother’s point of view.

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