He’s here! A disappointing movie.

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Hello and Happy Monday!
It is a happy day, and that’s because we have happy news to report.
For months we’ve been talking about “Megan’s baby” or “Baby Salois” and now we can finally introduce to you Nathan Joseph!
Congratulations to Megan and her husband Chris.
We can’t wait to meet Nathan!

We had a very low key weekend, which was a nice change of pace. Both Michael and I were interested in seeing the new movie “Righteous Kill” with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. The previews made it look like a decent thriller, and with these two in leading roles, how could you go wrong …. right?

WRONG! This movie was terrible! It was predictable and boring and the acting from both superstars was disappointing at best. On top off wasting money going to the theater to watch something that I wouldn’t even want to spend $4 on at Blockbuster, I also ate so much popcorn I ended up feeling sick. Ugh.

When we got home we decided to watch a GREAT movie – the first (and until now, the only) to feature De Niro and Pacino together. Michael and I have watched “Heat” countless times and I keep expecting to get bored with it, but I never do. My advice – rent this flick and skip the new one.

Have a great week!

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