DCI Confirms a Body Found in Poweshiek County; News Conference Planned in Mollie Tibbetts Investigation

Special visitors from the south

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Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was long, and filled with quality time with some of my favorite people!

My folks were here visiting from Arizona!
I don’t have anything exciting to report and what we did – we just had a nice time hanging out. I had been trying to convince Mom & Dad to visit us for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but they politely declined. Gee … I wonder why they aren’t interested in coming to Iowa in November and December? My mom was cold all day Sunday if that’s a clue. I guess it does make more sense for us to travel that direction during the winter, don’t you agree?

I hope all of you enjoyed the beautiful weather and some time doing what you enjoy, with the people you enjoy.

Have a great week!


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