Bailout Take 2, Postseason Begins and Real Men Wear Pink

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Good Morning!
We came in this morning to the News that Megan Reuther was in labor. We’ll let you know how everything works out.
I also failed to tell everyone about our new arrival yesterday. We have a new Producer on Today in Iowa. Ericka Stoxstell moved here from Augusta Georgia. She’s a Chicago native (on the plus side) and a White Sox fan (on the negative…but we won’t hold it against her). We’re excited to have her here and grateful to the people who’ve stepped up in the interim to make sure Today in Iowa keeps plugging along…

To the News
Bailout (or rescue) Take 2
So I’ll ask all of you…is it a bailout or is it a rescue? What is Congress doing. Ok, I know that’s an open ended question. The Senate decided to take another swing at this package today. The bill includes a lot of add ons including tax breaks and an exemption from the Alternative minimum tax for a lot of middle class families. The idea with the add ons was to attract some of the Republicans who voted against this bill the first time around.

I’m not sure I’m going to get much done at night these next few days. The Cubs start their series with the Dodgers tonight at Wrigley. Should be fun to watch but there’s a part of me that’s nervous. I’m not going to go looking for a window ledge if they lose or anything but I think this is the year…
So I think I’m going to go out to the Mall to watch the first game. There’s an event I’m participating in tonight out on the Lake at Jordan Creek. They’re announcing their fundraising totals for the FORE OUR KIDS program. It’s the Charity set up through the Principal Charity Classic. So I’ll do that and then try to grab a seat in front of one of the big Screens at Champps after.

Real Men Wear Pink
I got a tie in the mail a few days ago. I don’t usually get ties in the mail. This one is from a designer named Diane Katzman. Not sure how I got on her mailing list but the tie is one of 75 she designed to help benefit Breast Cancer research and treatment. The ties all have some sort of pink on them and are going to be sold locally at Younkers and Von Mour. Part of the proceeds go to the charity.

Hope you have a good day.


  • Melinda

    I hope that the big screen at Champps is looking better tonight. Last Friday night I watched the Cubs and Brewers with a really bad green tint!

  • kandt

    I watched and do not know how the critics say palin did such a wonderful job. Yes she stood with confidence, but anytime she did not want to address a question she talked about energy. She repeated the lines over and over. I knew she would speak better, who wouldn’t with 24/7 coaching for a week. They should of given her a few more sentences to use and some more ideas if her answers were not on her notes for the questions. I want the persons I vote for to answer the questions, not evade them. Also I wanted to know about the vp, so I think the critics have that wrong to.

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