Biden Palin Debate

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I have no problem saying it…I’m excited about this V.P. debate tonight. How will this play out tonight? Will Sarah Palin come after Joe Biden to see if she can get him to come hard against her? Will Biden choose to ignore Palin and come after John McCain and George Bush instead?

Will Palin stick to the talking points and the lines like she uses on the campaign trail in that folksy style? Will she avoid getting stumped like it seems she did numerous times by Katie Couric’s interview? How will Biden strike the balance of the fiery guy his supporters love and the guy who can go on too long and get too fired up for his on good, especially on tv.

It’s on…


  • jawmbi

    Biden represents the old Democratic guard that wants to enslave America with Socialism. Get your wallets out cause wealth redistribution is the name of the game. p.s. is Biden running against Bush? Get with the program Joe!

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin may not be as politically savvy as a career politician who has never had a real job. She hasn`t had 35+ years of practice in spinning the truth. I believe she did a masterful job of being real, intelligent and someone we can trust. I`m tired of politicians who have spent a lifetime of deceiving the American people with their supposed brilliance.

  • Anonymous

    Iowa’s economy is at risk with McCain/Palin ticket in the house. Drill, drill, drill oil in Alaska–where was the support for the Iowa farmers’ corn and soybeans contribution to energy use? McCain is against biodiesel and where does that leave the Iowa farmers? Sara needs to brush up on her English and forget trying to be a good old boy “doggoneit”. And it would be “darn” shame if she had to run the country.

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