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Biden Palin Debate

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Did you hear Palin ask Biden, “Can I call you Joe?” Is that a trap? I wonder if Biden has been told NOT to call her Sarah or Sarah Palin. Will he just keep calling her Governor Palin to remind people she is a politician, not a total outsider.

Why does Biden keep smiling like that from ear to ear when Palin is ripping on him?

Palin looked nervous to me when the debate began. Although, that seemed to disappear. She rarely engages Biden. Biden talks to the moderator. Palin talks to the camera. Perhaps, her time as a tv reporter pays off in this situation.

Palin is now praising Biden and his family (his son is serving in the National Guard) but she isn’t even looking at him. She keeps looking ahead into the camera.

Palin is borrowing a George W Bush line: nuc-u-lar. She said it that way at least three times.

Biden will not say Sarah Palin. Well, he said it once and then right away corrected himself and said Governor Palin.

Biden seems to be holding back. This isn’t the guy I remember covering so often before the caucus. He’s stumbled a handful of times and almost sounds like he’s whispering at times. Will he show the passion his supporters love?

Palin said she would disagree with McCain on ANWAR. In fact, she said it while winking at the camera. Biden said he would agree on every major plan of Obama. He didn’t name any disagreement he would have.

Second Palin wink. This one was for her dad in the audience, she said, right after she broke out her first “doggoneit“.

Palin had made the audience laugh at least twice so far, none for Biden that I remember. Does it matter? It might at least show Palin is feeling comfortable on stage.

Palin completely misunderstood the question on what her “achilles heel” would be, unless she is intentionally not answering it by giving her strengths instead. The moderator didn’t call her out on it.

Biden started to choke up talking about how he knows what it’s like to be a single dad.

He is now finally getting fired up a bit saying McCain voted with Bush 4 out of 5 times on the budget and skyrocketed the deficit.

My English teachers would have gone crazy to hear Palin say “have got” so many times.

O.K., that’s it. It’s over. Speaking of my English teachers, get out your red Sharpie pens and grade the candidates. What do you grade them for their performance tonight?


  • Anonymous

    Palin avoided answering the questions some times. But I think she gets a solid A minus. Biden disappointed me. He wasn’t awful, but I expected a lot more. I give him a C plus.

  • Anonymous

    I was really impressed with Joe. Doggone, he’s smart and human, too. Knows his stuff, but gets the world outside the Beltway. Sarah’s winking made me angry. As a woman, I cannot trust the presidency to any an insecure little prom queen who learned to be popular by winking at the boys…all the way to governor. She should be ashamed. Time to woman up and grow up.

  • Anonymous

    I see Palin as a clear winner, I have been on the fence, but now I know I will vote McCain. I will not vote for someome who is going to raise taxes just to go back to a bigger welfare system.The programs that Obama talks about are a good ideas, but come with a cost to us the tax payer. I believe McCain is not a part of the Bush mess and wants to fix those problems.For all the years Biden has been around he just dosn’t get it. And Obama just does not have a clue as to what is really going on.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is very clear that Biden ran circles around a nervous, uninformed Palin. She had her talking points rehearsed and it seemed whenever she didn’t know an answer she went back to them. Also she didn’t know the name of the commanding officer in Afghanistan. Palin is in over her head and McCain is to blame for putting her there.

  • Anonymous

    Obama will raise taxes. But on the people that make over 250,000 a year. If you make under that amount your taxes will not move. Also, if you think this country can get out of the mess we are in without raising taxes you are crazy. The money has to come from somewhere and McCain will raise taxes as well. Obama gets it!

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