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Rebound: Day 2, Bank Bailout, and Webkinz

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Good Morning
You never know what you’re going to hear on the studio floor during Today in Iowa. This morning, after a Mark Tauschek story about the local effect of the economic downturn, We learned a new word. Webkinz.
Anyone know Webkinz? None of us did. A quick Google search finds Webkinz are,
“…lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code. With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play the best kids games on the net!.”
So basically this is the next Cabbage Patch Kids, Pokemon, Fill in the blank with the latest trendy toy. On the Market today.
Make this #432 on the list of things that scares the Beejezuz out of me about being a parent.

To the news:

It was nice to see the rebound yesterday in the markets. I don’t know about you but I’m still left with this sinking feeling there’s still more pain to come before relief of any kind can kick in. It’s nice that governments around the world are freeing up the capitol to make sure the financial markets can keep moving but it doesn’t solve the more fundamental problems of the economy. Are companies growing? Are they expanding and trying to find new workers. Is there capitol being spent on innovation? I still feel like the world is in await and see mode. I’m afraid the move is simply the return of common sense to some of these stock prices that were artificially undervalued. But that’s just my opinion.

Bank Bailout
I’m trying to decide if I can hold my nose and accept this idea that the government is going to buy into private enterprises. It may be a fine line, but I feel like if the money is an investment, and not a permanent stake in the businesses, I’m OK. If Uncle Sam stays too long, I’m worried.
The Dems in Congress have a new stimulus plan that would include billion of dollars spending on infrastructure projects around the country. I see program modeled after the New Deal. Here’s the problem. This isn’t the 40’s and I don’t trust the government. Unless Congress is cleaned out in this next election, I can’t see giving money to people who will, no doubt use it to line to pockets of their friends and boost their own popularity at home. I’m not sure why I think that didn’t happen back in the 30’s, but I don’t(at least not to the extend it would happen today) .

Obama and Religion
Anyone see the New York Times reporting about the source of the whisper campaign that says Sen Obama is a Muslim? Read it, it’s interesting.

After you’re done, put all of this aside and I still say this. Vote for him or don’t but make your decision based on his ideas and his policies. The charge that “He’s a Muslim” is nothing more than a cheap way to get people scared about a man they don’t know. If you’re conservative, there are PLENTY of other reasons not to vote for Sen Obama.
Do we really think he’s going to take office and say,”Just kidding…I’m a Muslim…We’re nationalizing religion! .” Do you really think the rest of the Government is so weak as to let something like that happen? By the way, you can see the same argument used again John F Kennedy. The Pope did not, in fact, take over decision making at the White House in 1960.
Take a look at Sen McCain’s reaction to some of the shouts and comments made at his rallies when people have called Sen Obama an “Arab” or a “terrorist”.

Did you see McCain’s face? Even he thinks it’s crazy. He’s said so answering these questions.
Obama’s a professed Christian. If you don’t like the guy…pick a reason that has some relevance to the campaign and don’t vote for him. That’s fair.

City Kudos

I forgot to add my thanks to Monday’s blog for the Work the City of Des Moines did to my front lawn.

Last fall the city hired a contractor to come in and replace the sidewalk. Unfortunately I got a new sidewalk and a destroyed lawn. They left a lot of damage, but it was too late in the year to grow new grass so I let it go. I thought I could request some seeding in the spring. Turns out, the Public works Department was a little busy this spring. Anyway, I decided to wait until the end of yea year. When I called I got a prompt response and a visit from a supervisor. They saw the damage, got a contractor in to fix it and I think I’ll have some grass in the bare spots next spring. I’m the first in line to give government a whack in the head when they screw up. I think it’s important to make sure to give them a pat on the back when they quickly fix an unintended error.

Hope you all have a good day,



  • Melinda

    I saw Mark’s story last night and when he talked about Webkinz. Yes, I’ve heard of them…my daughter has about 7 of them and my son now has 2. They’ve actually been around for 3 or 4 years now, but they’ve become more popular recently. Unfortunatley, adult collectors have created a much larger demand for them, so at times they can be hard to find. They’re a kids toy, so why adults are snapping these up is beyond me.

  • HiHo

    All 3 of my kids have Webkinz. They are a safe computer activity for them that I don’t have to worry about. Plus getting them those aren’t so bad…they make NO noise. You’ll learn….that’s a bonus!

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