War of Words, Who is Joe the Plumber and It’s Cold

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Good afternoon everyone. I told Pat I would do the blog this morning but didn’t have time after the show due to a story shoot I had scheduled. So, it’s a little belated. We’ll call it the afternoon buzz today.

This was one of those days when everyone was a little moody. Not sure why. For me, I think it had something to do with an experience I had the night before. Eric and I no longer go out for dinner now that Evan is at an age where he won’t sit still for more than 10 seconds. But for some reason last night, we decided to go out instead of making something at home. I think I was feeling a little cooped up and wanted to get out of the house. Anyway, we decided to try P.F. Chang’s. Big Mistake! We packed all his toys and favorite snacks thinking he would be content for a half hour while we inhaled our lettuce wraps. Well, the second we were seated Evan started screaming and arching his back to be let down. I knew this wouldn’t be a relaxing experience. When we tried to put him in his seat, he screamed even louder and everyone started staring at us (some even glaring… but I don’t blame them). So, I basically ended up walking around the restaurant with him trying to keep him entertained and we took our food and left. My apologies if you were at P.F. Chang’s last night and heard the screaming baby!

This morning it was all about the debate. It’s the last one and John McCain clearly came out swinging. All of the papers described this one as his last chance to try to illustrate the differences between himself and Barack Obama and really shine a light on some of the reasons why people might be hesitant to vote for Obama. All in all, most analysts agree this wasn’t a game changer and Obama was the winner, although not by much.

The two candidates weren’t even the “stars” of the evening. Apparently it was some guy named Joe the plumber from Ohio. If you watched the debate last night, you heard both candidates talk about this guy as an example of normal Americans effected by their proposed tax plans. Apparently, the guy isn’t exactly excited to have all the attention. Here’s an interesting interview with the man of the moment.
Summer is officially over. This morning was downright cold and Jeriann said it was just a few degrees above freezing. I already want the warm weather back. I am such a whiner. Sorry, I think I am still mad about P.F. Chang’s. Have a nice day!


  • Lindsay

    We have a 4 year old and 3 month old and haven’t tried to eat out with both of them yet. You never know what might happen. Our 4 year old does ask why we eat at home all the time now.

  • hiho

    I wouldn’t worry about what others think….those that are staring are either too old to remember what having kids was like, or they don’t have any of their own yet. We have 3 kids and eat out a lot. I don’t pay much attention to other kids around us. I figure we’ve all had our time! Next time it could be mine that isn’t happy.

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