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Bringin’ the Funny, Women and Overeating, and Format Changes

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Good Morning…
If you haven’t noticed we tried something a little different with the Bog this morning. Blogger, (the host of our blog) allowed us to do a format change. I finally looked into it because we were notified we have a “follower”. I don’t think Brooke and I need a restraining order or anything, it’s just someone who has a blog and wanted to be connected to ours. So, welcome Amy! Not sure who you are, but welcome none the less.

Anyway, I digress, in allowing a link to Amy’s blog on ours, Blogger also offered some format changes. So we added a Daily Poll Question to the blog, hopefully you’ll vote. We also added a list of the books Brooke and I are reading. It’s called, On the Bedside Table. You might also notice there should be updated headlines on the right side now. I’m not sure how those get updated but I think it’s through MSN. I’m still learning.

We’ll mess with the format a little here. Providing I haven’t screwed up the blog universe for everyone here at WHO-TV, we’ll continue to improve the blog so you don’t get bored.

To the News
Brinin’ the Funny
We watched with great interest this morning to see who brought the funny last night. The Al Smith dinner honors the first Catholic Presidential Candidate for a major Party. Smith (on the right there) was the four time governor of New York and the Dinner that raises money for Catholic Charities every year draws an “A” list of politicians and Celebrities every year. It’s a roast. SO We’ll let you decide, Who was funnier, Barack Obama or John McCain. I’ll put a third choice out there. Was SNL funnier satirizing both of them than they were making fun of each other? Vote on this morning’s poll.

Women and Overeating
So there’s a study out from The University of Texas that found women who overeat have a lack of dopamine receptors in their brain, so even when they ate something pleasurable, their response wasn’t as pronounced as the women who’s brains could accept the dopamine the body produced with eating. The result, you eat more to get the same kind of pleasure. So it’s not you, it’s your brain.

Zach on a Hotstreak
Zach Johnson will make my weekend interesting after shooting a 10 under 62 at the Shriner’s Open (it’s actually “The Shriner’s Hospital for Kids Open Hosted by Justin Timberlake…what overinflated PR flunkies decided that would be a good idea?).
Anyway, Zach is winning and is playing well. Good to see. He had a lot on his mind this summer, family and friends effected by the flooding near CR. Looks like his putter is heating up again. I’d love to see him have another good season next year and make the President’s Cup team.

The weekend beckons. We’re going to take another stab at the registering for the baby stuff. I think we’ve zeroed in on a stroller…or as I like to call it, Winnebago. Enjoy the nice weather Jeriann swears we’re going to have this weekend.


  • Desmoinesite

    I like the new format too. Its a refreshing change. Now if can only convince the “people in charge” that a new format on the main page of WHOTV is needed, Id be happy.Thanks for listening.

  • Patrick Dix

    Noon Update: The Dow is up 200 points!That’s the good news. The bad news is, I screwed up. I changed the format of the Blog and I shouldn’t have…what can I say I see shiny buttons and new stuff and I can’t help myself. So anyway I think I made more work for the people who run our website and for that I am truly sorry. I’m glad to hear you like it. I’d take suggestions for other lists and polls if you like.PWD

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