Barack Roll

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For all you numbers peeps, here are the latest from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office. And for dessert, a Barack Roll.


Total – 2,134,334

D – 733,478

R – 623,455


O – 847


Total Sent: 393,462

Dem – 188,749

Rep – 110,914

No Party – 93,572

Other (Green and Libertarian) – 227

Total Recieved: 255,884

Dem – 130,220

Rep – 72,105

No Party – 53,401

Other (Green and Libertarian) – 158


  • Anonymous

    Why is it acceptable for news organizations to endorse a candidate? I thought the responsibility of newspapers were to report the news, not make the news. I hate that an organization uses its paper to push a candidate in your face. Fair and impartial is what I want. What do you think?

  • Dave Price

    It has been interesting to me for a long time why this happens. Why is it o.k. for newspapers to do this and not television stations? Although, we as a television station, don’t have an editorial department.

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