Downtown Dems, Saw it Coming, and Lonely Halloween

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Good Morning!
I’m stuck with about five bags of Halloween candy this morning after having only one kids come over to trick or treat Beggars Night. Paige the Princess was out only visitor…she got a lot of candy. I’m a little disappointed cause I didn’t get my usual crop of Halloween jokes.
So now it sits around the house. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just not going to help with my quest to lose a few lbs by Thanksgiving.

To the News:
Downtown Dems
So are we a swing state or is Sen Obama just taking a victory lap? I can’t imagine it’s the latter. If Sen Obama is here four days before voting starts someone has seen something that indicates Iowa is in play. It may be the same reason Gov Palin will be back in Debuque this weekend.
One more thing. The more we see and hear, the more we learn the Obama campaign is showing itself to be a well oiled machine. I say this only because it’s unusual. Most of the time there is a certain amount of chaos associated with these campaigns, especially at this point when schedules are made at the last minute and plans change with the poll numbers. Not so with the Obama campaign. If they are planning last minute…if there is chaos behind the scenes were not seeing it. What that says about a potential Obama Presidency…draw your own conclusions.
Another note that just came into the newsroom….Our boss just came into the newsroom and said they’re calling the plane Obama is flying in O-Force One. OK…
Memo to whoever coined that one:
Look behind you…you just crossed the line…

Saw it coming…
I never really felt I understood the reaction of parents I’ve worked with when we read stories about children who are murdered. Maybe it’s because I have two on the way, but I think I’m starting to understand the reaction in a more personal way.
The story of a toddler murdered in eastern Iowa is horrible enough…whatever your background or family situation…but you have to wonder how a parent could do something like this to his or her child. That exactly what prosecutors are charging Michelle Kehoe with.
We all suspected this was going to be the eventual outcome…

That’s all I’ve got. We’ll see you at Noon. Maybe I’ll do a little More blogging then.


  • lizzy

    I only had 5 kids come to the door last night and 3 (boys around 11)asked if they could have something to drink instead of candy – so I gave them each a bottle of water.I have been volunteering with Obama since July – and I will say – his people “get” volunteer management systems – very organized, very upbeat and very focused. Whether I was able to volunteer 2 hours or dropped of a bag of supplies I felt my effort was appreciated. I did not have the same experience 4 years ago with Kerry.I plan to visit the Hershey web site to see what I can do with my leftover PB Cups……

  • titleist755

    Careful before you project Obama to have “crossed the line”. The votes have not been counted yet. Your right in so much as Iowa is in play. We would not have any candidates here if this constituency was identified and buttoned up. Just wait…………we’ll see…….

  • Jen

    We live in SE Iowa and we only had about 20 kids (mostly daycare kids and family friends.) I was also the only light on in the neighborhood…Beggers night isn’t what it was 20 years ago where everyone in the town had their lights on…Happy Friday…Last weekend of political stuff!!!!!!!

  • rosorio

    Ever since I became a brand new dad I am scared to do something that might harm my child. I’m very self conscious while fitting new diapers (is it too tight?) and changing clothes (am I pinching a finger or twisting an arm too much?). Harming my child or placing my child in a dangerous scenario is something we are conscious to avoid. When I saw the news about this yesterday and heard that the family was involved in a previous (strange) accident I didn’t quite saw it coming until today.

  • IAgal

    I have always been sad to hear these kind of stories, but it does hit so much harder now that I have children. You feel the pain a little deeper and just cant understand how anyone could do this. Makes me teary just thinking about it. And how will this affect the 7yo? The person he trusts probably most in the world tried to kill him! All I can do is pray for that poor child, his family, and his mother who must have some major mental issues. Very sad.

  • Patrick Dix

    Ttleist…when I said “crossed the line”…I meant I thought it was inappropriate for anyone to be comparing the Obama Campaign plane with Air Force One. As the candidate himself said yesterday, “We only have one President at a time in this country”. If he wins…We’ll do that story Wednesday. But his plane doesn’t become Air Force One until January.Just for giggles here’s a blurb from Wikipedia on AF1:“The presidential call sign was established for security purposes during the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower. The change stemmed from a 1953 incident where an Eastern Airlines commercial flight (8610) had the same call sign as a flight the president was on (Air Force 8610). The aircraft accidentally entered the same airspace, and after the incident the unique call sign “Air Force One” was introduced for the presidential aircraft.”

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