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Wednesday can’t come soon enough

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Good morning. It’s Brooke here. Pat will add more later. I h0pe this doesn’t sound too negative because I generally describe myself as a positive person. But I am so tired of politics right now. I am tired of the ads… I am tired of the pundits. I am tired of the predictions. And I am really tired of all the negativity and divisiveness I see on the ads and from the campaigns and even candidate supporters. Maybe I am just tired and that is part of the problem. (It’s hard to get my 8 hours with a 1 year old) Either way, I am ready for Wednesday. Although as Pat pointed out today, we might still be talking about who will be the winner instead of who the winner is on Wednesday morning. So there is the possibility that this things could go on for a while, I guess. We’ll see. The positive is that the ads are gone after today.
Pat here with a Noon update.
I’ll add my anticipation of the end of this race. Though I think one way or the other we’ve got a pretty big story to cover Wednesday.
I drove Sally to Class in Iowa City this weekend. Just easier if I driver her and it gave me an excuse to get over to Riverside to play one more round of golf! One of my favorite things to do is to get out on a cool morning and play a quick round of golf and that’s what I got Saturday. It was FOGGY down in Riverside. Good thing I was hitting the ball straight off the tee. The front nine at Riverside’s course was flooded out in the spring and is still trying to recover. They let you play the back nine twice. For my money, still the toughest nine holes in Iowa…now question.
From Iowa City Sally and I went out to Prairie Meadows for dinner and to see the Dennis Miller concert. First, dinner. We were really impressed at the service. We went to AJ’s steakhouse for a quick bite to eat. We sat in the bar, which was a little crowded but still, it’s nice to have some conversation with strangers over a glass of wine a steak and some football highlights.
The Concert was, as you’d expect…smart and sunny. One buzzkill. Miller was on a roll and about halfway through his set when he asked, “…so what does Iowa think about Sen Obama?” A woman in the front left of the room yelled, “terrorist!”.
See my earlier posts for my feeling about this one. There are so many times I’m proud to live in this state. I will not be adding that moment to the list.

Did you enjoy the weekend? The weather couldn’t get any better and I tried to savor it. I took Evan down to grassy area in front of the library. I sat and watched him play with the rocks for about 2 hours. I have learned quickly that kids enjoy the simple things in life. Evan would much rather play with a stick he found on the ground than a fancy toy that cost $50. Which makes me think I should just wrap boxes instead of gifts for Christmas.

It sounds like we’ll have a few more nice days and then mother nature is going to broadside us. Jeriann says we will likely break a record today but on Friday we could see snow.

In addition to spending the weekend outside, Eric and I watched a few movies including Dan in Real Life. Have you seen it? It wasn’t what I expected but I liked it. Steve Carrell played a sweet newspaper columnist and single dad raising three girls. It was cute but some of the parts were a little cliche and that almost ruined the movie for me. And, Dane Cook was in the movie but he never had the chance to be really funny. Also saw Getting Over Sarah Marshall. Funny. Very funny. But don’t let your kids see it until they turn 30.
I also caught a movie I hadn’t seen yet last night. 27 Dresses. It was really good. Just the kind of romantic comedy I like.

Ok… have a great day and enjoy the weather!


  • rosorio

    Amen Brooke!I am tired also of the politics. This is my least favorite subject but since you are venting your frustration, I want to vent as well. The phone calls. I receive at least 6 from my candidate and 2 from the other candidate every day. This weekend I even got a visit from a member of my candidate’s party asking me if I was going to vote. The sensory overload is extremely frustrating. There are people who enjoy attending the events. I am not one of them. I will vote tomorrow for sure. If there was something else to vote, I’ll vote for all political activity to go away!

  • Hawkeyes Fanatic

    I refused to watch TV this weekend because I am so sick and tired of the ads. I went to bed without the tv on last night because I am simply tired of them!!! I am to the point where I am unsure what tomorrow’s vote may bring. This has been the worst election as far as slandering and all that stuff that I can remember. Anybody else feel that way?

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