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WIntery Mix, Palin Interview and Veterans Day

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Good Morning and a well deserved thank you for the veterans who read this!

We’ll start this morning with the weather…
Wintery Mix
It’s teetering on the edge of freezing this morning so we were trying to keep an eye on it. I woke up thinking I might have a little ice to deal with on the way in…I didn’t an you probably didn’t either, but this is one of those mornings where we’re probably on the better safe than sorry plan. We figured a few of you might be getting up this morning wondering about the weather.

Palin Interview
Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind who watched the Today show this morning that THIS is the interview Governor Palin should have done after the convention? I swear the definition of “consultant” is someone who’s job it is to screw someone up. She answered Matt Lauer’s questions and sounded like the person we heard from at the Republican convention. Who knows whether she’ll be a viable candidate for the Republican nomination but I think she would do well NOT to listen to the top political strategists in the party.

Veteran’s Day
Is there anyone we owe more to than a verteran of our armed services? I thank my lucky stars every day there are men and women who volunteer to protect me. If you see a Veteran, take the time to go over and thank them for their service.

Have a good day!

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