Barack’s picks.. The weekend… do vitamins work?

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Good morning everyone. Mondays are usually hard, but this one was a even harder than most because I stayed up too late watching Iron Chef. I am usually very disciplined about going to bed early but I couldn’t walk away from the television. As much as I love the Food Network, I have never watched Iron Chef. I know understand why it’s one of the channel’s top rated shows and why people get hooked on it. Last night was Bobby Flay versus Cat Cora. They had to use ingredients that were likely used in the first Thanksgiving meal so they were making things like duck, venison and squash. Normally those things don’t appeal to me. Deer meat? Yuk. But the creations they came up were amazing and the judges were clearly blown away, too. And they do it all in an hour which makes it exciting. Definitely hooked now!
Pat here…We were also watching the Iron Chef Challenge last night but turned it off at a commercial break. Just way too tired from a weekend hosting a friend from college.

On to the news of the day:

Barack Obama picks staff members
This was one of the things we were talking about during commercial breaks today. Barack Obama is said to be considering Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and it looks like he may also be hiring a lot of Bill Clinton’s former staff as well. Here is a list of a few of his most recent appointments. The argument we were having this morning about this is centered on the idea Barack Obama wants “change.” So, should he be selecting some of his decision-makers from an old administration?

There was also a lot of debate about Hillary Clinton possibly being name Secretary of State yesterday on the Sunday morning news programs. I heard Republicans say she would make a fine Secretary of State. But again, the question a lot of people are now asking : Is this really change?

There was an interesting article on Politico about how Bill Clinton’s global fundraising could create conflicts of interest if Hillary is named Secretary of State. I guess it’s a small world.. in the world of politics, isn’t it?

Vitamin Study
This story made me think of my High School biology teacher who always said that vitamins are a sham because “all we do is pee them out.” I’m just quoting! Anyway, the story we ran this morning was about a study involving men and Vitamins C and D. After following a large group of men, researchers concluded that taking the vitamins will not prevent cancer or heart disease.

I have always wondered if vitamins do anything good for the body or if we’re all better off not wasting our hard-earned money. My doctor tells me to take a multi-vitamin so I do. And I have friends who think vitamins make them “feel” better. Maybe it’s the cynical side of me, but I think eating well is probably the only way to really get the nutrients your body really needs. I hope the people from Vitamin World don’t send me mean e-mails.
I admit it…I take a multivitamin. I can believe it makes little or no difference. If it makes my wife feel a little bit better about my health, good enough.

This weekend was nice and relaxing. My husband and I saw a matinee showing of the James Bond movie. It’s wasn’t great… but it was good. I do like Daniel Craig as Bond but the producers of the movie are clearly trying to create a new image of the man who has always had a polished style. Craig’s version is a little rough around the edges. In the new movie, he’s downing his famous martini (instead of sipping it) and when asked what it is… he says he doesn’t know.
I would give the movie three out of five stars. Heavy on the action… but the characters weren’t developed.
That’s all from me for now. Pat will add more later about his trip to the ISU Game. Have a good day!
Well I fared a lot better this weekend than I thought I would and I have Jeriann to thank. She had me so worried I was going to freeze my you know what off that I probably went overboard on the long underwear and layers of clothing for the Iowa State/Missouri game..
My good friend Ben Bailey came down from Detroit where he works as a Meteorologist for the Fox affiliate. Before Ben decided he wanted to forecast the weather, he earned a degree from Missouri and was an anchor and reporter.
We had a great time tailgating with Mike Zavacki from our Today in Iowa production crew. He is an Iowa State die hard and has some other ISU fans he tailgates with. We showed up about an hour and a half before the game. They gave us a lesson in “flippy-cup” and we gave them a lesson in winning a Big 12 North Championship. The pictures are being screened and will show up on the blog only after I’m assured I don’t look like I was trying to re-live too many college memories in one afternoon.
Our seats were great, down in the southwest corner of the stadium with Marching MIZZOU, and the Tigers didn’t disappoint.
With the game well in hand, Ben and I decided we’d had our fill of College Football for the year and left at halftime.
I have to give a shout out to the Per-Mar security staff at ISU for finding Ben’s phone, which he dropped on the way out of the stadium. They picked it up and kept it in the security office. When we went by to pick it up the woman behind the counter yelled at me, “You tell Andy Fales it was Per-Mar security that found that phone!” Consider the message delivered.
I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.
Brooke and Pat


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