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Deadend for the Bailout, The Stories We Didn’t get to, and Getting My Ticker Back.

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Good Morning!
We didn’t have a blog yesterday cause i blew it. Sorry.
We’ll make up for it today.
To the news

Bailout Goes Bust

Did you see the CEO’s of the Big 3 Automakers get WORKED in front of another Congressional committee yesterday? Usually I hate these congressional hearings because they turn into two hours of speeches from each of the members of Congress involved. The speech is followed by a leading question, the answer to which, can only serve the political agenda of that particular member.

Yesterday these congressmen were unrelenting. They wouldn’t let these guys up off the mat!
“How many of you are going to sell the Private jets you flew in on and fly back commercial?”…CLASSIC.
The CEO of Ford pulled up to the second day of hearings in a new hybrid car to try to make the point that these Automakers are looking toward the future…
Let’s be clear, the US automakers could make those cool little Jetson’s cars and they still wouldn’t be able to be competitive. It would take too many Union laborers to build.

Stories We Didn’t Have
Sometimes we just have too many news stories and not enough time…here’s a sampling from this morning:
-Two bars are in front of the State’s Alcoholic Beverages Division for review of their license. Both may lose their liqueur license as a result of violating the state’s new no smoking law.
-3 of the nation’s biggest Airports opened new runways that should increase capacity…even in bad weather. Chicago is one of the airports so that’s good news for any of you traveling around the holidays.
-Did I go to sleep and wake up in the late 1700’s? Pirates off the coast of Africa? How can a well armed street gang take over an oil Supertanker? You’d think with their record profits the Oil companies or the Oil Producing countries could get some security.

By Noon there were even more stories:
-Mortgage rates fell, Jobless claims increased to a 16 year high, and there’s news a bipartisan group of lawmakers from Auto states
-Ted Stevens, Sen From Alaska has given his last speech on the floor of the Senate. He lost a recount for his seat to Anchorage’s mayor.

Busy Day
My day is full of errands to run the first of which wasn’t fun. I had to take one of our cats to the Vet. He’s usually a pretty laid back cat but the last two days he hasn’t been moving around too much. He’s not eating, and it was pretty clear he didn’t feel good. We took him for blood work yesterday and this morning the Vet found he’d spiked a fever. X-rays revealed a little fluid in his lungs and that means pneumonia. it’s not good, but it could be worse. He’ll get better but I always feel bad when he gets sick. I can’t imagine how guilty I’m going to feel when it actually my KIDS!
-A Haircut is in the cards this afternoon. I know it looks to most people like my hair never changes. I can’t stand going more than two weeks without a haircut.
-Sally’s car needs an oil change. I’m interested in just how good the deals are at car dealerships right now so I’ll spend my half hour waiting in the showroom.-I have my first session with my trainer in about a month this afternoon. I already can’t feel my arms.

We’ll see you tomorrow morning

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  • lizzy

    The pirate situation is unbelieveable -especially since the ransom was paid. I guess, depending on your outlook, this is a real incentive to….seize another ship!

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